Gladys le Boss marries mzungu lover in secret ceremony

Congratulations are in order, we wish the newly weds all the happiness. Gladys is an example of not letting your past losses in life hold you back from a better tomorrow. The worst thing you can do to a black male exe is to marry a mzungu. I don’t know why but its very painful to them. Anyway, wish them the best.


Post wall chieths try to ‘reclaim’ their youth by marrying muzungus onli to discover that youth is the only thing that separates a woman from a rock

I don’t think marrying a jungu can be a bitter revenge than marrying a black. A lady from the village married a white man sinjui from UK or Netherlands, an older man than her. Ile maisha amekapitia. We used to give them fare wakirudi na waliachana tu. Now she has 3 kids walami. That guy must have been a chokosh back home

Lmao… The only thing you can do to get back to an ex is to marry a younger, wealthier and good looking partner. An old mzungu with a tambi ya stove dick is not it.

Let her hook up with a 35 year old guy and we’ll see the ex-husband pulling his jungamais with pliers in frustration.

As we speak Sam is enjoying the company of 25 year old girls massaging him in ine of his secluded farms as they wait for rona to end. . He’s not bothered by her publicity stunts.

Marrying an old mzungu can never get back at a black man. My brother has an Ex married to a German man and he bangs her whenever they come to Kenya for vacation with the mzungu in tow.

I know so many wameoa rejects out here. Both men and women. Unaoa aje mtu ako on welfare? Kwanza huko Germany and Holland ndio niliona horror scenes. Black dudes wameoa those fat wardrobes fatter that the Rexx ones that no jungu wants. Haki they look so miserable:mad:. And because they are after papers wanakaa wakingonja those papers kwa hamu sana na wamezaliwa mtoi who depending on where you live in Europe, can make life even more difficult as the child is neither black nor white.
Others huko Mombasani are criminals running away from the long arm of the law so huku hawawezi rudi…
Mashida ingine pls eeish kaa Kenya…it is home na oa huko and kazana.

A friend told me juzi about how most of our Kenyan mamas married by jungus are struggling with alcohol probs. Atii umetoka mashift zako unakuta jamaa has been drinking all day hata he has pooed on himself? ati the woman in question just took a garden hose pipe or whatever they are called and sprayed him clean…now wtf gaddamn hell is that? She also told me about another one whose hubby buys her a chinese takeaway on his way from the pub…anaanguka nazo anaokota analeta akianguka…naaaaaaaaaaah man naaaaaaaah. Afathali nirudi kwetu Ting’anga.

i feel sorry for what we do in search of love[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)].''sorry to say this: unaruka susu unakanyanga pupu"