Glad the Mexicans Won, Schadenfreude Sweetness

Whoever placed they odds on Les Mexicanos must be swimin in quid
The germans had been talkin racist isht all day about Mexicans too, so, let them…eat cake ?
The Schadenfreude rush is too damn high ! n I luvit.

Tranleshten blease? Danke

@Panyaste bado anaomboleza.

How is that racist?

geological officials reported a man-made seismic activity occurred right around the time El Tri scored in the 35th minute in downtown Mexico City.
What could possibly have caused that activity? How about an entire nation lost in utter jubilation.

and 30 prostitutes for nine players after the game:D:D:D:D:D:D all banging at the same time


Russia have proved they are wonderful hosts so far.