Giving the white woman with a dog in Central Park context

Lemme just say, I am not in support of republicans especially since Tramp and I am certainly not for abo. rtion and GA. y marriage so I am not on the side of democrats either. Maybe abit on the side of liberals, not completely. This man is the male version of Candace Owen what blacks call Coons. I’m one of his subscribers. I also subscribe to MJ Harris who is gay and Strong Mommy Chrissy who is a single mother of 9,with six different baby daddies. I don’t endorse their lifestyles but they give me insight into stuff I would never come across IRL. I like to see things from other people’s point of view.

There’s a lot right now that’s being pushed by the mainstream media. So they craft their own narrative. First it was Covid-19. That’s been dropped like a hot potato. Now it’s the Black movement. Even that will be dropped. With the election coming. And that’s the sad part.

The man was bullying this woman. Why start feeding her dog treats? I would be scared if some black man is giving my dogs treats in a park. He’s the Karen or Daren. Gotta admit it, he should have called the park ranger, after asking her one time politely. Not recorded her and lured her dog with treats. Black folk have a problem of overreacting. Even when pulled up by cops immediately they start going off and giving cops alot of back talk and unnecessary rudeness. Why when the cop is just doing his job? I know there’s racism I get it, you are mad that you are oppressed. I get it but why become part of the problem?