Giving out foreign PayPal log ins + gmail

I have 5 paypal account log ins that I am disposing. Sahi tunaongea one with the least balances is $368, most is $1750, the rest are 780, 902 and 1150. I shall consider villagers I have interacted with or those trusted by the kitongoji. We share I go with 40% you take 60%, you’ll have to pay 20% upfront and the rest ukitoboa kutransfer. For example the one with 368 unanitumia 7k, nakutumia log ins, unanitumia another 7k, you pocket $220. If you have multiple PayPal accounts this is for you


:D:D:D Hiyo toa peke yako. Hakuna wajinga huku.

:D:D:D:D sick!


Humbwer ghaseer tucker tucker. Jilipe na ujitolee. Utalijua jiji

Vile niliambia jamaa wa Kamiti na Mpesa ‘wrong number’ transfer : jitolee ulivyotuma.

:D:D:D:D… Tafuta new villagers… Inaonekana the Paypal scam is drying up ile serious… Onto the next scam I guess… I wish you well

Huwa naomba that these Paypal scammers have an exit plan… Things will get dicey in the not-so-distant future

paypal guru si utoe pesa na mpesa alafu urushie mapeasant kakitu.

It obviously sounds like a scam. How does it work though?

Hii hata mtoto wa shule anajua ni uongo

Hizo logins si upatie nyanyako pesa ibaki kwa familia? Shenji

Ati what??


Already one foot in?

@kiplimo__ labda unipee Bibi yako ndio naeza lipia after nimefikisha threshold ya kijiji.

Kwani ulikuwa deported? I know a lady who had some money in a small bank overseas. She got deported and was not given a chance to even pack her things. She says that her money is trapped in her account and the bank is not able to verify her identity without going through costly and tedious processes.
Are your PayPal accounts only accessible when you login using computers in the US? I know some companies do that to prevent fraudsters

You are one naive fella who can easily be conned

I’m not offering anything. Just speculating

He is talking about the lady you said you know blah blah blah