Give your website some love

Hi designers. Do you love your website? How about you give it some love by implementing a few tips I have here for you. They may look simple or so obvious but they mean a lot and bring a whole difference.

[li]Make sure you frequently change your theme to give your website the much-required freshness.[/li][li]Always keep your site up to date[/li][li]Protect your hard work by making sure that you frequently back up your website[/li][li]Learn how to use google fonts. Stop sticking to the traditional fonts that come with the theme. Google fonts are super[/li][li]Learn how to effectively use images and photo slides to tell your story[/li][li]Understand your site stats and try to understand how much traffic comes toward your site[/li][/ul]

This just a summary of an article I read. You can also checkout this link for more elaboration


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