Give Peace a Chance

The Israel / Palestine conflict has its genesis after World War 2.

The British decided to resettle European Jewish Refugees their colony of Palestine in 1947 against the wishes of the resident Palestinians and low intensity conflicts over settlements , land and resources began.

In 1948 the State of Israel was founded and the first Israel / Palestinian War was fought.
( Israel won and took more land )
In 1956 another war was fought.
( Israel won and took more land )
In 1967 another war was fought.
( Israel won and took more land )
In 1973 another war was fought.
( Israel won and took more land )
In 1978 President Jimmy Carter brokered the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel.
(Egypt got back the Sinai Peninsula).
There is only a Diplomatic Solution to this crisis.

  • a two state solution.
  • a federal state solution.

The sticky points will be the distribution of power , allocation of land and resources.
But , it can be done …

It must be done

Trump had “The Plan” to end the conflict:

Donald Trump has unveiled his vision for Middle East peace in a White House launch that gifted Israel a wishlist of its long-held demands while promising Palestinians a potential “state”, but with severe restrictions.

Standing next to the smiling Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump announced details of the 181-page plan to cheers and applause. Palestinian leaders were absent from the launch, having pre-emptively rejected his proposal, citing flagrant bias.

“Today, Israel takes a big step towards peace,” Trump said on Tuesday. “I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems.”

A copy of the plan, released by the White House, said the proposal intended to:

  • Establish Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital, with a potential Palestinian capital to the east and north of the city.
  • Recognise the vast majority of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory as part of the country. A Palestinian state would receive territory, mostly desert, near Gaza to compensate for the loss of about 30% of the West Bank. Gaza and the West Bank would be linked by high speed rail.
  • Recognise the Jordan valley, which makes up about a third of the occupied West Bank, as part of Israel.
  • Offer a path to some form of Palestinian statehood but with no army, and overarching Israeli security control in some areas, including over the sea. The plan also sets a series of conditions the Palestinians have to meet before receiving independence including the “complete dismantling of Hamas”, which governs Gaza.
  • The possibility of stripping Israeli citizenship from tens of thousands of Arab Israelis who live in 10 border towns, with those towns and their residents being included into any future state of Palestine.
  • Recognise sections of the desert bordering Egypt as part of any future Palestinian state.
  • Refuse Palestinian refugees the “right of return” to homes lost to Israel in previous conflicts.

Why did Jews reject Madagascar as there new home?

Jews were living in Jerusalem/Israel even during bibilical times za Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus etc. Unataka wahame waende wapi and that is their ancestral home?

Map showing the 12 tribes of Israel.


there is no way Jews and Arabs can live in a single country. Arabs will always seek to exterminate jews. Maybe two state solution, of which most arabs do not support because they want Israel to cease to exist and exterminate jews from the world

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Gaza iko na fence mbili. Side moja ni Israel, side iyo ingine ni nani??? Hehehe! Their good brother Egypt! Egypt wameweka fence Gaza mpaka wakaweka barbed wire, razor wire, kila kitu karibu hata wachimbe landmines waweke ndio their fellow muslim brothers from Palestine wasijaribu kuingia Sinai. Egypt iko na landmass ingine wazimu but they cannot give even an inch of Sinai to the landless Palestine. Wakwende huko meffi Arabs with their problems.


@Landlord :
The so-called Trump Plan was Dead on Arrival a long time ago …

  • It was the British who colonized Palestine and imposed immigrant European Jews forcefully on Palestinian lands without consultation or agreements in 1947.
  • It was the Jewish settlers who then set the tone for future wars by expelling Palestinians from their Biblically “Promised Lands” …

The are 2 broad Palestinian Arab positions

  • those majority moderates willing to share power , land and resources with Jews as EQUAL partners …
    ( in terms of population, Jews are outnumbered and are not very comfortable with this idea ).
  • the minority hardline , hardcore Islamist / Zionists who want ALL or NOTHING solutions.

The Extremists need to embrace a solution similar to that of South Africa which ended Apartheid

There is no other viable way …!!

Surprise …
Actually , one of the British ideas was to import Jewish Immigrants to the then Kenyan White Highlands to beef up the White Settler population…

Imagine …
The Jewish state of Israel in Nabii Zakayo’s backyard …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually the European jews were to be settled in Uganda in 1903. Luos and luhyias would be the ones crying as the jews expanded their territories😀

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Seems your knowledge of history is very shallow.

The Jews have occupied Israel since time immemorial. They were there thousands of years ago wakati wa Abraham, Elijah, Noah, Jesus etc. They were then scattered from Israel by several invading forces, including the invading Assyria in 721 BC, invading Babylon in 587 BC. About 70 years after the Babylon invasion, many of the Jews began to return to the land of Israel, where they remained as a nation for many generations. In A.D. 70 and again in A.D. 135, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Jews. More recently, in 1516 the Ottoman turks invaded and occupied the jewish lands including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Sinai, Galilee etc for 402 years (1516-1918). After the fall of the ottoman empire the british controlled the jewish lands 1918-1947 and they helped the scattered jews to return home.

The Jews have not taken anybody’s land. Hata wewe ukifukuzwa from your ancestral land hapo siaya today, then your kids return to the land after 100yrs after defeating those who ejected you, you can’t say that your kids are invading the land coz that land already rightfully belongs to you. The Jews are just reclaiming their ancestral land and the invaders are not happy.

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Olisikia wapi? Waluhya wangezalisha hao wanawake saa hiiungekuwa unasikia majina kama Yitzack Matendechere Rabin na Asher Wanyama Leib. Waluhya hawachelewangi… :grin:


Regarding the Palestinians, the word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century BC occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Yafo and Gaza. The Philistines came from Caphtor (Crete). They are one of the Sea Peoples that invaded Egypt about 1190 BC after ravaging Anatolia, Cyprus, and Syria. After being repulsed by the Egyptians, they settled on the coastal plain of Philistia from Joppa southward to Gaza. The area contained their five cities including gaza and was known as Philistia, or the Land of the Philistines.

The Philistines expanded into neighbouring areas and soon came into conflict with the Israelites. Possessing superior arms and military organization, the Philistines were able (1050 BC) to occupy part of the Judaean (Jewish) hill country. The Philistines’ local monopoly on smithing iron, a skill they acquired in Anatolia, was a factor in their military dominance during this period. They were finally defeated by the Israelite King David, and thereafter their history was that of individual cities rather than of a people. After the division of Judah and Israel, the Philistines regained their independence and often engaged in border battles with those kingdoms.

The fighting you are seeing today is a continuation of what started thousands of years ago when the Philistines invaded the Holy land from Crete. Over the ages the philistines have taken advantage of the problems Jews have endured under different invading powers to claim Jewish territory. Maybe if the philistines went back to their home in Crete, then Israel would remain at peace. FYI Israel has no problem with her neighbours Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Shida ni hawa watu Philistines walitoka Crete and now want to claim Israel lands.


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Actually most of those called Palestinians are just arabs who would rather see the jews exterminated and israel erased from the map. Nothing else

The original philistines were not arabs, they were from the Mediterranean island Crete. They were Aegean (related to greeks and turks).

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I mean the current Palestinians are arabs mostly from Jordan and Lebanon

Nope. It was white highlands where the British committed to give them 5000 square miles of land.

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Goliath and his minions were the only true philistines

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A good Arab is a dead one

Fast forward to today

Would it be fair to say then that almost all Kenyans ( Nilotes , Bantu , Cushites and Hamites ) are ALIENS who should be removed and the land restored to descendants of Paranthropus Boisei only ( …if any are still left around …???)

Paranthropus Boisei is a species of Australopithecine from the Early Pleistocene of East Africa about 2.5 to 1.15 million years ago.

Try the HUMAN approach
All GOD’s creations have a right to be on this planet and share equally in all its bounty.

There is ENOUGH for Everyone’s needs …
But not for Everyone’s GREED

:woman:t2::israel:THIS CAN’T END GOOD for [captured] IDF female soldiers, trembling in fear in video above showing them held in a Gazan bunker.

Terrified of their captors and paralyzed with fear at possibility of getting killed by their own, as Israeli fighter jets’ bombs shake roof over them, moment Palestinian guard walks in (00:42).

Up to 250 Israeli soldiers captured or reported missing , all likely hidden in Gaza Strip and possibly to be killed by their army’s bombs [pummeling] the besieged exclave with disregard to well-being of its own imprisoned troops.