Give it up for Kenyan conman

This guy actually had JKIA’s title at his house? What poor sap runs Standard Bank? Kenya ina mambo…


Inside job.

Yawa watu wa Kenya kubali na muamini ya kwamba hii ni nchi ya shimo la meffi. issashithole neshen.

Link please

Think about it for a minute. JKIA title deed for 500 million I.e $ 5 million. It should be over $ 5 Billion.

Anyway let me give some background info here that githeri media wouldn’t bother to research about. The accused is the owner of Andy Forward cargo centre at JKIA. It owns its own godown next to the other private cargo facilities like signon freight. It has a title deed for that piece of land where its facility is erected. The allegations is that he may have acquired that land in uncertain means during in the narc government. Anyway NLC and ministry of lands will answer that in the coming weeks at the PIC sessions.

One thing is that its been in operations for 15 years and the bank conducted background checks on it before they gave the loan. I wish to know what has changed before I pass judgement.

I think it was in the print version.

“It is shocking that title deeds for our major airports are missing and the KAA has no explanation as to where they are. It is equally disturbing how private law firms can hold titles for a State corporation,” Abdulswamad Nassir, the PIC chairman said during the scrutiny of KAA books of accounts for the years 2012/13 to 2015/16. Prime airport land open to grabbers as title deeds missing - Business Daily

I thought ni kitu ya maana

Uchokozi tu

The bank that issued the loan too is questionable.

If you read your post again, you will realise that ile umeanfika ni umeffi tupu. No substance