Give and Take

:eek::eek::eek: and you expect a BJ right?

Your freedom to come in and leave the house is non-negotiable. Umeshinda ukiulizwa na mama yako toka ukuwe mtoto ati unaenda wapi, sasa utawacha mtu mwingine akupimie tena? mbuuuuuchhhiiitttt. Hapo you make it clear that you can come and leave at your own pleasure, though you will not make it extreme ile kukaa nje kila siku. Just be moderate. Hizo zingine mkubaliane lakini usipimiwe hewa kama mtoto.

That is the wrong kind of woman: insecure, paranoid and controlling. End it now.

am not dumb enough to trust a bitch to put my dick in her mouth…


Mwambie hupendangi utoto and if she is not ready to be reasonable, break it off.

:D:D Ktalk isn’t Ktalk without story za mharo.

Hujawai skia to marry is to declare war?

kwanini umetoa Black Karis kwa hii maneno. “asking for @Koolibah


Repost is endorsement

:D:D evidently

Wachana na mwenda zake ASAP. This is why we are preaching that everyone dating in this day and age needs to understand the basics before getting married. This is a control freak that you are living with. Ati nini about boxers???ati nini about going out out of the house??she will kill you one day.

izo c ni meffi sasa…

Your understanding of skid marks is pedestrian.

Kuweka chini kama Anthony Joshua.

In a relationship you must shower daily and change your boxers regularly. You also must be in constant communication with your chiq. It feels like you are trapped but that’s how it feels to be in a relationship. If you don’t wanna change, stay single.

There must be communication is a relationship and it should be two sided.

Tell-tale signs of a control freak. Iko chida kubwa.

Did I say iko chida? Teren…teren…