Give and Take

Apart from @Yule Karis Black the rest can help me get over this.

I have been single for the last 5yrs of course with occasionally romping here and there and during this time I have come to appreciate my freedom ,my space,my friends both men and women.

Now since I recently got attached to someone most of these things are being taken away from me no matter how hard I try to cling on to them especially the freedom.I can’t walk out of my house and go to wherever I want without telling someone,else it will be said I am going to see some other woman elsewhere,I can’t go in/out my fridge like I want,If I stay out late whether she is around or not it becomes an issue.I have to change my boxers every time I take shower irregardless of whether I wore it 2 hrs earlier before taking the said bath.Never ending calls.

For those who are settled did you have to go through all this or is it me who is finding it hard to accommodate other.

You are attached to fool, soon she will suffocate you to death if she continues to deny you breathing space.
Aren’t you man enough?

hapo kwa boxer i feel u…mimi lazima boxer ipate zile dark lines za uchafu on the inside ndio nifikirie kuitoa

We kwisa kabisa. Communication is key. You need to iron out boundaries before its too late otherwise you will end up with alot of resentment which is a major recipe for your next breakup.

Hehe itabidi uzoee

Kuna shida hapo kwani?

Ama she has to give you permission to do anything ndio useme huna freedom.

Nope I go about my stuff the way I used to go about them before I met her,most of the time our arguments is emanating from that,she says I have to inform her on everything.I find that weird,I rarely ask her what she has been upto herself.It is a crime to go for 3 hours without checking on her.Jana nilimwambia mimi siwezani.I think she is still brooding over that remark

I had stayed single for some time. Apart from vyombo na nguo, of which there is a person who handles that, I was very comfortable with my single life. There is no pressure from another human being, biz gives me enough.
Food naweza jipikia and most of the time I do. When I dont, nakula nje or get take out.
When i got a chic, i wanted to break it off the next day. It was the biggest insult to my freedom. Niliiachana na yeye after some time and home has never felt better.

Chooze if you want to be a bachelor or get married.Both have pros n cons, You cant be both. But you should not bend to everything

I feel you…I have gotten to a level I want it quit…At times I have to watch over my shoulders

Manipulator alert

Kujia jamaa slowly apparently siku hizi anaongea shonde sana.

My 2 cents.
When a brother decides to settle with a woman,there is unwritten rule that she is an extension of your mom.If you have a keen eye,you will realize the same behavior you had at your moms Diggz will somewhat be the same with this woman.Heck you !might even start hiding small things like smoking/ drinking,texting,calling,Facebook at Your own fcking house!!.your circle is narrowed down to a few friends or even none.

point in-case;i was drinking with my buddy on Saturday,by the time niko Summit ya 2 the guy was on his 4th Tusker reason being that the wife was on his neck Texting the whole time!!eti ooh you are just out having fun,you don’t care about me n the Kid !what if what if what if!!!we even failed to notice some fine asses sitting next to us! at around 1:00 a.m he was forced to leave the club with so much tension you wonder what the heck!!

pussy whipped
(1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintinence girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over
friends, family, school, food, water, and air

Niaje @Art ama we ni wakanyama

@admin @Mundu Mulosi @Deorro nimetukanwa piga hii jamaa mstari

They are called skid marks. SKID MARKS

muhahi wa juko ta kiana, simama kama mwanaume

kwani mnajiharia ndio mchange boxers? :mad:

Marriage isn’t a bed of roses, you can’t have your cake and eat it. Sacrifice ,perseverance and above all communication is the key. The benefits are immense, I can’t regret