Githurai and the ever flight bound high velocity projectiles they call the Piritoners out of the permancne in slumber that gets effected in their wake

I guess the police bullets have claimed all three Githurai Kimbo brothers thus far. Pictured is Kimani, who was the youngest of the 3 talented footballers, though I didn’t get to see him play: Oscar, the oldest, and literally a born footballer who excelled greatly number 7 or something that had him visit countries like Norway for the finesse of his right foot; Wamae, who was the middle one, a goal keeper, and for that matter the toughest and most fearless man you ever met in your life, and not the correct person to mess around with, if you ask virtually any one who ever met him. Unfortunately with tough times, somethings appear to have ended up awry, in the never not dramatic Githurai Kimbo, and especially that famous roundabout, though the Thika Highway has somewhat muffled the round about’s prominence. It is interesting that, Kimani, pictured, came to resemble Wamae, for, the last I saw him, he was a happy lower primary student, and you can see some of that happy if you look closely. Oscar and Kimani actually had more outgoing and happy demeanor to them, while all the collective toughness was fully invested in Wamae himself! Wamae and a certain buddy of his that was light skinned kinda that they called Rubia or something, and the two were so tough, yaani walikuwa ma Standard 3 na 4 hivi, na upper primary students already wanawaogopa hahaha. Their mum was a very hard working and dedicated lady who way back in the day used to get Kimani from School when he was much younger.

I know those fuckers, reggae nao back in the day. was a little older. Oscar was at gaffe if my memory is right.

Those must have been the Hollymbao days hahaha…