Githu Muigai

How much do you think money is tied to happiness?

I can tell you this for free because I’m going to be 60 in January. Money is subject to the law of diminishing returns.

Money eventually gets to a critical tipping point where no extra shilling can improve the quality of your life.

You won’t change where you live, you won’t change the bed you sleep on you, won’t change your TV, you won’t change your phone.

My calculation is that anyone above 500k a month lives the same quality of life in Nairobi
Exaggerations kama helicopters or yatchs aside, there’s nothing that billionaires like Ruto or a rich MP have over you.
You live in the same hood, your kids go to the same schools, you go to the same hospitals and hang out in the same social places.
Anything above 500k - even if 10 million a month - just means more financial security but does not make your life qualitatively better.

make it 2m instead of 500…

That man is very intelligent its just that he was a total complete failure at sheria house.

As someone said above, make it 2 million. With 500k, you cant really travel the world to your satisfaction. In my opinion, Muigai is correct about diminishing returns. However, that point is extremely high. Hapa Kenya probably billions in assets and millions in monthly PASSIVE income. Ukifika place you can travel to any country and have a nice time without feeling the pinch, that is the point of diminishing returns. When you shuffle off to work because you want to, not because you have to. When you are done chasing toys and more interested in experiences instead. But that is just my opinion, people may disagree.
By the way I know a billionaire hapa Kenya who goes to work daily. One Christmas nilimuuliza why he still works despite having made it, akaniambia hata ukatajirika aje utajipata ukifanya kazi hata kama hulipwi juu ni impossible kukaa idle just because you have “made it”. Akikaa one week bila kufanya chochote hawezi feel poa.

not everyone likes travelling abroad, jomo the president was not fun of it either

True. Then everyone has their own point of diminishing returns. If your bucketlist does not contain expensive contents, your point of diminishing returns is much lower.

Personally, if I have enough wealth and passive income to sustain a high-end lifestyle, and the ability to travel to any country for a week without feeling the pinch, any extra coin above that would not increase my happiness. That is my personal tipping point.

You cannot in the same hood with rich people with an income of 500K per month.

You want to hawk your ass around the world?

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What makes you think you are qualified to make these assumptions… 1) everyone is different 2) you are not rich enough… go get some billion dollars and come tell us how having a private jet and travelling around the world meeting the most important people with your family is not making you happy… then we can listen

Money is tied to happiness. A broke man lives a stressful life. Even a rich man’s face and smile is different.

Maybe if you fail at your pinnacle means you were not intelligent in the first place.

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Peace of mind and good health is better than any other thing

If you can’t find happiness in your vocation, you will never find it anywhere even if you have billions in the bank, even if you travel the whole earth and space. The western concept of wealth has messed up Africans big time. A herder in remote part of this continent is content with a few heads of cattle, sheep and goats as it was before the advent of the whiteman, an average Kenyan now want to buy land, buildings and cars to feel contended, with a little sophistication, certificates of ownership of shares in blue chip companies and little more enlightenment in whiteman’s culture, gold and silver bullion and diamonds in a bank vault. Same precious metals and stones they ravaged from Africa using free African labour.


If you want to see true happiness and contentment, go to maasai land and observe. Some guys there have cows worth 20m+, a land cruiser and all, but they’ll still wear akala and eat nyam chom on market days. They don’t even care what Google app has been released yesterday, they just live.