githerimedia obsession with corona

Ever since uhuru eased down on restrictions of movement and curfew hours,news outlets have been on an overdrive trying to paint a grim picture and create a narrative that its the reason for surge of cases.We all know the testing capacity is still low and its hardly two weeks since the said rules were removed and there is no way the claims are factual since that time period is too short…It seems government is sponsoring this fake news with the aim of locking down the country again. Exposing citizens trying to go on about their lives and running small business in the name of investigative journalism is laughable.Media should be asking tough questions on why hospitals are not well equipped,enough covid tests not being done,accountability of emergency funds etc…Kwanza citizen wanainsist na issue ya lockdown of counties nikama it is the ultimate vaccine for corona…

Citizen tv is Kenya’s version of CNN, fake news. Those guys get paid whether or not there is a lockdown meanwhile people out here are struggling with joblessness, depression, failed businesses, etc

Hapo umenena. Githeri media hukanyagia sana pesa ya uma ikiibiwa lakini news a zao wanajazaumeffi

who do watch local news???

Me: people with under 72% #IQ

I no longer watch local TV stations. I better go chase birds in the forest