Githeri judiciary revokes miguna's deportation.

The githeri judiciary continues to flex it’s ‘muscles’ against the executive. They should remember that they cannot enforce their criminal orders and soon they will find that out.
Miguna whether Kenyan or otherwise is a criminal who should not be coming to seek justice.


If he’s a criminal, arrest him, charge him, imprison him (in that order).

Don’t worry he is not in a hurry to come back anytime soon. Those 5 days under state accommodation will stay with him for a while. Saa hii he will be glad to show the usual false bravado from a continent far away.

Ulifanyia wapi Io LLB yako wapi ukuje kudisposess judiciary? Kuma kabisa

Alifanya llb githeri university hehe

Kwani kuna a degree of vagina-ness ndio watu wakuwe kuma kidogo au sana? :D:D:D

Or just deny him entry, its just simpler

Kwani wewe utumia githeri ku think??? Your thoughts are too basic.

Simpler is the usual African mediocrity. It is what we thrive on.

It is funny how we can justify anything as Kenyans just to fit our political kingpins. Both sides break the law and follow it when it suits them. But we still stick to them and justify it because ni mtu wetu.

Soon we should stick to our interests and not be political/tribal zombies… Let that sink in for both divides

Nashangaa hivyo pia. Huyo msee ubongo wake uji wa meffi.

It is extremely stupid to some of you who think everything that goes against muthamaki’s govt should be demonized. Lord, why do we have such people?

Omwami do you appreciate judicial process about the rights of an accused person?

I asked a simple question here which was not answered…If Miguna was not a citizen, how then did he vie for Nairobi gubernatorial seat? Was the police and IEBC complicit then?

Ongeza hawa na fake certs na wale hawajaenda shule. How do they even vie?

Acha hio, kwanza He has a kenyan ID which was issued on 2012, he’s even listed on e citizen he has a kenyan driving license

I’ve seen some of them tweet that they should get ready to receive Miguna at JKIA.
I don’t know how I’ll tell them this in simple words… Miguna will never step into Kenya as long as Uhuru is president. The moment he lands he will be put on the next plane to the Amsterdam, without even leaving the precincts of JKIA.
They can have have justice Kimaru accompany them but Miguna will still not leave JKIA.

Uhuru sacked Githu Muigai and quickly replaced him with another Kikuyu. Plus 3 other kikuyu appointees on the same day… That’s a man who has stopped caring about popular opinions.

Ni final term. Hivo ndio vitu huenda. I wish this zeal ingewekwa kiasi kwa vitu constructive like kushika watu wanatuibia pesa za umma kama KRA, NYS and i almost forgot the worst NHIF

Popular opinion is one thing law and constitution is another…

Na kwani uhuru ndio ataenda kumshika personally…

You Nasa people lost the right to mention law or constitution a long time ago.
Uhuru and Jubilee is just following your lead.