Githae Kiereni and other Billionaire sons

there is a trend shaping up with these billionaires and their sons…is it the wazee get tired of their son’s greedy sense of entitlement and cut them off from the money, case in point, Uyu kijana Wa kiereni, kijana wa Peter Munga, kijana wa Robinson githae, kijana wa Murigo(juja tycoon who was jomo’s pa)…all these sons committed suicide and left billions of inheritance

Kijana wa munga mgani?

Uliza @jimmy_m

anaitwa joseph munga, he committed suicide at a club in westlands sometime back…

People are committing suicide across the economic and social greed bana. It only becomes new when it’s a tycoon son.
Hon. Githae admitted his Son was struggling with some form of depression. Mental illness is real, and mpst of meditations out there makes one become suicidal.

In one of those cases mentioned the rumour was that the senior dry fried the son’s girlfriend hadi kwa mkia kijana akaona haesi ishi na babake kwa dunia moja.

He did not commit suicide the guy fell over the staircase wakitoka club. Ilikua black diamond westy.

heard different! but that’s immaterial now.

Lame excuse to kill oneself

How would u feel if yr dad is a billionaire and when u ask him for money to kick start your own empire he tells u sinimekulea na nimekusomesha pia wewe jitafutie. Sawa that is alright bt the hurting part is that he is financing some gachungwa (your age or younger). Ukiskia sponsor manenos among girls my frend that thing is serious. Kwani unafikiri hawa wasichana wadogo driving huge cars and have plots/flats somewhere ni nani finances them.

Some of these bilionaire dads also neglect their families but finance the young girl who will go brag on instagram ati sponsor manenos. Uliza Tony Valez akupe story ama wacha tuu

hawa watoto wa billionaires ni wengi sana utaona wanapotoka…kuna huyu jama ana own cathey hotel Nakuru one of his son ni pHD older lakini ako hooked kwa alcohol mbaya he’s hardly productive…ni wengi sana hawa watu

Kutoka apewe sweep of the year, he retired the handle

Pia kijana wa Anthony Mwongela Nduva alikomit suicide! Pia Kijana wa Mzee Musila Mutindwa! Na mtu hawezi kujua hao wazee ni mabilionea!
Suicide is a universally social and societal problem! Suicidal people will do it for the slightest of reasons! And, still, the rich also cry!

Kama asha kusomesha Ivy League school tafuta pesa zako, ala!

Kuna huyu former spy chief kanyutu…he was so secretive hata mpaka sasa his family hawajui mahali mali ingine ilifichwa…naona lawyers wakiponda sana the wealth…hawatasema they were holding it in trust

Hapa sioni shida. He worked hard and educated you so you can earn your own cash and so that he can enjoy the fruits of his labour as a sponsor. Pia wewe tafuta zako ukuwe sponsor

Most of these mbirrionaires wanataka legacy zao ziendele after they are long dead so they usually intergrate their sons and daughters into their businesses.

Its highly likely that for kiereini its a case of mental illness running through the family. I noticed from a posting on another thread that the the Githae and kiereini boys were first cousins:(:frowning:

Eunice Muringo Githae’s career path was because, “I was attracted to the idea of helping the sick and helpless,” she told Conversations with High Achievers in 2011. Interest heightened at Loreto Convent High School Limuru where a teacher had a niece who was a nurse. After clearing from Loreto in 1958, the daughter of chief Robert Githae and sister to Prof Micere Githae Mugo and former Finance minister Robinson Njeru Githae,

githae’s son was dumped by the gf if my memory serves right

do ivi Google his name utacheki what eye witnesses said, he jumped from the window jamaa