GIS Mapping/Technology (Online Resource)

Hello there, I know some of you are experts in this area.

So I am asking, is there an online resource that one can use to train themselves on how to work with GIS and ultimately develop GIS maps and embed such within an application development environment.?

In short i want to learn how to build interactive maps with custom data point embedded on it. Can anyone assist? I have googled and mos of them assume that one has background knowledge of the said subject!


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For such specialised stuff, text books are the best…soft copy ziko pale Amazon and usually text books ziu-anza from basics to advanced levels…I know for example there is one for GIS with Python but sijawai soma

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isnt there like an open source platform that offers such guidance on how to go about it?

Am sure you won’t miss a youtube vid or a pdf offerring guidance…but most aren’t thorough for expert level knowledge…check torrents for text books, that’s where I get most stuff from

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some queries?

  1. are you looking at just consuming data from an existing WMS such as googlemaps , OSM and ESRI
  2. or do you want to use an existing WMS and add your own custom layers
  3. or you want to create your own vector/rasters and host them on your own WMS

for the first option its very straight forward and there are lots of hello world kind of tutorials to go through, for the second option you will need to learn openlayers (also had loads of support), for the third option you need to learn about openlayers and mapserver (unless you want to invest in an paid for solution like the ESRI geodatabase server )


Niaje jimmy _m

caddy mkuu nimeona umetumia ile handle ingine leo ama jana. tuma link nione rumblings

This can be easy or complex depending on the scope of your project/learning. If all you need is to put some data on a map, you could georeference your data (add latitudes and longitudes) and then use any library (Google maps api and others) to add your data to a map. Most databases have native support for geographical data types (points, lines, polygons) eg sql server, postgleql, oracle etc.

If your shop requirements go beyond simple data display on an online map, you will need to invest more time to learn the technology. @amun gave you a good answer above. I will share my GIS bookmarks once I access my desktop.



Could you tell us what your goals are? I could help if you say what you want to achieve. You can always inbox me if you dont want to discuss here. However, I prefer sharing knowledge by posting here.

I wanna build an app that you can add specific points on it and when you click on that point get even more details about that point…it can be on the map or redirect you to some other page.

And i want to be able to add multiple such points on the same map. The data is collected separately on a gps enabled device…feed that onto a database and the point gets picked on the map automatically

Excel has such a feature but is kinda limited on what it can do.

Kuongea ukweli a @amun sijaelewa what those acronyms stand for so i am not even sure how to reply.

But i wanna learn as much as i can…might even join a masters class on GIS if i find it interesting enough

Hi there. I think that I can help you with that. I have recently started a new project, and I needed to build an interactive map for it. I had no idea how can I do it, as I have no experience in that area. I was lucky, because one of my friends recommended me a good retail mapping service on the internet. I decided to give these guys a try and I was amazed by the quality of their service. You should definitely try that man. If you want to learn how to make some interactive maps, this is definitely the best example for you!

Can you share some links to demos?

I tend to believe kuna watu wamecome up with such an app. If you want to build an app from scratch itabidii utafute msee wa programming

Ebu share watu ka mimi I know one or two things about ArcGis but i should make effort to refresh my memory