Girls schools rape

Moi Girls Nairobi girls made allegations of rape, male teachers and male workers were subjected to humiliating DNA tests as activists bayed for the blood of the male teachers. A month later, it emerged that it was false allegations, DNA tests were negative and so were clinical examinations for rape.
The Lugulu case is sad but as an individual who has worked in schools, the girls want the current principal and certain teachers to leave. Sadly, these kids (if false allegations) do not understand the irreparable damage they have caused to adults (if innocent).

  • My advice is that TSC should post only female teachers to girls’ schools. Male teachers, should avoid girls’ only schools.

What exactly is your advice?

I think he meant post only female teachers to girls schools.

That is not wise, ethics do not exist in any one gender.
Those kids who made the false allegations ought to be punished severely.

Good luck with that;;
Pussy pass is one helluva get out of jail card

Story goes that some clown hid in the bathroom and tried to rape a girl who was showering.Alarm was raised and he was chased but he ran away.At 10pm he tried the same stunt,alarm was raised and he ran away again.When the principle was alerted she said she is too tired to deal with hallucinations of oestrogen laden girls.Allegedly this is what happened.

For now

No CCTV in the school? Would help to see the hallucinations

The Moi Girls allegations were made because the Principal was disliked by many people not only students.

I sense the bathroom voyeur is amongst us vyenye peeps be informed about the case…

Moi girls was a case of lesbianism fazing gone wrong. They got busted scissoring each other and blamed it on an imaginary ninja

If you are a man, you should never desire to work in a girl’s boarding school in any capacity. Those kids can really mess your life especially if you are a hot male.

hizo ni school politics between the local bukusu cartels and the Kalenjin headteacher . hii ni game imechezwa since Johnstone kamau akuwe primary

Na hao madem wasiende funkie

Lakini samples za dna zilikua za nini kama ilikua attempted???

Maze nime explain in reported speech.It is what I red kwa insta stories za Edgar posted by a trainee teacher who is based there.
Kama samples za dna zilichukuliwa basi kulikuwa na penetration.

Not everyone fuacks their wife’s anus like you old dog

“According to sources in the school, some girls may have violated the affected student by inserting an object in her genitals against her will and perhaps, without her knowledge.”

A student CU member once spread roumors that the high school CU patron sneaks into their dorm for a quickie when she is alone in the dorm. I pray for the day penal code will prescribe same punishment for rape, and for false rape accusations

Kuna time nili volunteer teaching at at a local girls school huku as part of my giving back to the community, lakini ile mambo hao wasichana walinionyesha ndo nilijua young horny teenage girls with high libido is something else altogether. Nilikuwa nimeshuka tu kutoka ivy league …a young polished educated fella… it blew their minds. Ile vita walitandikana hao wasichana hata madam principal alishangaa. I barely made it a month it was generally agreed that my presence tho’ appreciated had become a major destruction.