Girls Lie About their Age to Look More Attractive to Potential Suitors

So why are these biches pretending to be underage? Are they hoping to attract pedophiles or what


Honestly could be possible. Ukitoa hiyo makeup yote and the fact that wako na mwili ndogo i wouldn’t be surprised. Ndio maana huwa mnaambiwa muulizie ID.

And if at all they are 16. Delete this post. Mmezoea sasa. But hatuwezi fika point kama kijiji people are posting picha za watoto.

ndio umejua saa hii mkuu?

how old are you two small boys?

white knight captain save-a-hoe in the building

Mother fucker. Save a hoe labda nisave mamako…hamwezi post picha za watoto without consent and even with consent that’s unethical on all levels.

Go back to school small boy





Why are you mad, Jayden? Son of a cunt

Where is the evidence that they are kids??

16yrs na hiyo receding hairline jameni. If you want to know how old a woman is angalia uso, mwili itakupoteza.

Hizo picha that you are defending were posted by the same duo in an online forum

They are not 16 … I know them… One twin finished high school in 2015 and the other 2016 … Wako 23+


Nirushie number nijitetee

They’re are not single embryo twins then. Hiyo mmoja alitoka kwa yai mbovu ndio maana alirudia shule

They’re not single embryo twins then. Huyo mmoja alitoka kwa yai mbovu, ndio maana alirudia shule

They are identical twins … The little biology I know says lazima wakue single embryo twins

Under 23 hawahitaji makeup