Girlfriend sista

So there is this girl I’ve been eying recently and she seems to be a potential future wife,our vibes are rhyming and we seem to be on the same page about everything.I have teased her about being the mother of my kids and she seemed flirted by it.
Enter the sister,ako kitu 19(3 year gap with my gf) years amemaliza shule juzijuzi,shida ni it seems she’s overly excited about me and its like even her family members have noticed including the sister.I’ve catched her on numerous occasions eyeballing me intensely and it feels uncomfortable.Whenever am around she poses herself overt sexually adi inabidi nirushe macho kijeshi.
My worry is that am not interested in her and ikiendelea hivi naona my future with my gf will be in jeopardy because of the awkard environment she’ll create on our home.How can I live with a horny sista in law.Currently my gf amerudi kumalizia her studies and I thought maybe things will cool off but the sister has developed a deep crush on me and she’s been on my mind of late.Being a guy with high ethical standards its better to drop them all together or i might create a sibling rivalry which is not worth it.Leteni advice wadau.

Piga yeye miti kisha umwambie live humtaki unadai siz yake kwahivo heshima idumu.

:D:D Very easy, tafuta pesa…marry both of them.

tomba wote kwani nini, wewe bado ni kijana mdogo

Itisha threesome.

Live dangerously.

Divorce loading…don’t date a women under 25 for marriage…her prefrontal cortex( the part of the brain which is responsible for good judgement/logical thinking and making choices while considering long term consequences is not yet fully developed hence not being used to think/decision making)…instead she is using the emotional part of the brain to make decision therefore cannot think clearly…

SUMMARY : JOIN MGTOW for it is written by Saint Paul pale Corinthians “those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.”…

si Unaona shida zishaanza Na hujavisha Pete …and if you do utaweka threads mingi hapa za saidieni hapa elders in the future…


Mimi hapo sioni shida yoyote

Small decision kama hii inakulemea utawezana na zile kubwa?

Hio ni test ya dem Yako kuona kama wewe ni fisi. Na advice utembee brothels zote za rifarodi na utafute lanye anafanana na yeye. Ukule HKM.

Somethings just ain’t worth it. You like her elder sister. Focus on her. Forget the younger sister ever existed. If you can’t control yourself, then look for another family you can marry

Nirushie hako ka 19yr old nikakaribishe to the outside world. Ntakasugua kama vyombo chafu

Navy Seal @uwesmake jitombe na mushakwe. Wacha kupea wengine advise za kishoga.

Huyu si Navy seal , ni watchman pale Kenya women . Uliskia akisema ako na pistol lakini tiliconfirm ni Smith&wesoga yaani ile batstick ya mawatchie

Very sane this line of thinking.
Ondokea hiyo kitu kabisa.
Feign disInterest kabisa, don’t entertain that thought.

And when you ‘catched’ her eyeballing you, ondokea kabisa.

Jizee la kutomba wajukuu

At that age they are easily infatuated and are very excited to be ready for the world… her body is hot but her brain is wanting… Just avoid being alone with her in secluded places but do not mistreat her… I am sure it will go away with time… getting involved with her can prove fatal depending on how her sister manages the scenario… not worth the experiment… I am sure she will be a good friend in the long run if you control yourself…

Weee shoga i thought ulinipiga block

Extend your love to the younger sister.Tomba yeye

Get the stick inside her. Usisahau CD. Threshold ya Kijiji, some effidence ( ebrufication) ni muhimu; then dump her. Be a man

Ni “caught” buana! Anyway I’m kinda in the same situation with two Taita sisters, nilishamaliza the older siz, while we were dating i told her if things dont work out I’ll date the younger one, I said it jokingly and we all laughed, but maybe I wasn’t joking. Anyway we broke up but the younger siz and I have maintained contact,we talk very often, its only a matter of time till…Nitaleta hekaya one day.