@GIO tafadhali kuja hapa na @shahid

WEWE unanishangaza sana, Una company ya engineering na unaishi kwa plot ya gorofa na peasant wengine.

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Gio is shady AF :D:D:D

Gio hehehe

He said that he used to ‘ran’ an engineering company …now he just unblocks sewers after failing at cooking

Briefcase companies with no offices, staff or physical address.

Hiyo ni man cave atasema

See, why are you concerned with fellow talker’s lifestyle? Si majamaa wamekuwa wakidai ni mabirrionirrs na naonaga wao pare kwa betting, na sjasema webdev. Jamaa wengine wa faxe wamekuwa wakikamua kuku hapa and no one cares. If you decide to lie to the virrage, why should someone be soo concerned? Makufudhi asha umama

The problem is not lying. The problem is that he is not consistent with his lies.

And in this case, how true are you that he’s lying? If someone decides to live pare matopeni estate or kileleshwa who the hell should give a fuck?

Be nice.

Does running a business, honest business that is, where real work is done equate to having lots of money?
Success comes from far bana.

Ata wale wanaishi kwa apartments ni ploti.

When Elon Musk was developing paypal, he used to reside in his rented office, with his brother, shower ilikuwa pale gym, then


I have seen many of Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs, investing flashy lifestyle, at the first sight of success.

@Gio ni muongo kama warthog anadanganya mpaka anjidanganya , schupid kabisa . kuwa muongo wa kawaida kama mbichaless talker @culture

:D:D:D:D:D a fool and his lies are soon parted and exposed.

But this expose is null and void, we already know that the nigga’s a cheat. Nikama kushow wasee breaking news that a guy who every one know has HIV, has caught syphils if you catch my drift.

You guys are too interested in my life, concern yourself with yours jameni. Whether I am a peasant or birrionare inawawasha nini?

ni vile uwongo itakuuwa na hatutaki ukufe . uko na uwongo kama zile @kawambui alikuwa nazo .

@Gio = @kawambui

Si basi ni uongo yangu, ama nikuletee momo pare KWFT umpee roan?

What is the difference between apartment na plot? Aren’t they all storeyed?

You can always tell a liar by the way he talk, vagueness mingi. Ukiulizwa swali you start jumping. Look at this

I decided to outsource some work (which work?) to a family member who has started this company that is in line with what I needed (ata background informations kidogo mzae?) done and seemed hungry.
I explained very clearly what I wanted (what exactly is it? ama ata you just hint at it)and how much the payment would be.
They presented something that was waaaaaaay below what I wanted (nigga please! stop fucking lying) and asked for changes to be done. What was done was so miniscule mpaka nikashangaa WTH!!! Keep on saying this can’t be done because of this, can’t be done because of that oooooh mara that is impossible to do within that budget I need to add more cash for it to be done. Some things are common sense but they have been skipped too.(a lot of bull crap to make his story seem believable )
Wondering do I even pay, and what am I paying for really, or should I just pay because its family and never touch them with a 10 foot pole again because that work will have to be done again.
I keep on getting hussled to pay and what I need done hasn’t been implemented.(really nigga)
Lesson learnt to never repeat the same mistake

These are the type of people who lie to your face with a straight face, now what I’m left wondering what do want to prove to people you’ve never met?

The sad thing, is some people are so gullible here, they’re busy giving advice. Comedy :smiley:

Engineer wachana nao.
Evening classes zinakupelekaje?