Gio Hadn't Gone Nowhere

Have read all your comments and some are really amusing but hadnt gone anywhere. @Mkufuu and I are different guys and think have met him @Critical mass a while back…guy with a yellow Joerex??? Speaking of Checki Maneno guys Thursday (Eid Holiday) cycling along all bypasses about 100km meeting point being Ruaka & Saturday we meet up for the Great Rift Valley Challenge climbing edition @aviator umeskia will be along bypasses.

Have met @Deorro here and knows what we do as a business and why @aviator isnt creative enough to comprehend what it takes to build from scratch. I am just speaking truth here my dear.

On cooking, I am a really good cook and yep I have “borrowed” from Chef Raphael whom btw I know personally and have been in his classes that much will do admit, from now own my own cooking from my kitchen my taste and love for good food doesnt change.


Hehehe. Jamaa wa friendzone, welcome back.

Finally… You finally show up. Na umejitetea kweli. Good thing umeadmit uliiba. Like a real man.

Welcome back.

…he lives.

I wasnt dead hehe the comments made me laugh, thanks for the welcome though

He’s back.

In the flesh…na utokelezee Thursday

Labda nikuje nikuwe outrider, nibebe maji na ndizi.

Hope you are speaking kama umepiga magoti daddy…

endelea hivyo kaka, wapige chenga. Pia hao wadhani wamepiga chenga Sisi wa Tz. Wahuni wamepata mhuni mkubwa

Kenya warongo kweli :D:D:D:D:D

@Purr_27 karibu kikombe cha uji and tell me all, mbona nipige magoti?

Hehehe but if you can, come for practice niko na electrolytes na muscle recovery ama tukutane RV challenge?

This village never dissapoints :smiley:

Welcome back @Gio

Vipi @Fala 12…how is the sacco operations? @IsMundu sande

Zii. Saturday kuchaperon watoto Diabetes Walk.
Nitakutafuta soon we discuss matters Shelldon… :D:D
Anyone ever noticed the village pets have names starting with SH?
Shelldon, Sheppart, Shicockoti?

Shelldon ni? Sheppart ako around ama momo.walimweza na pilau?

You have a bit of catching up to do.
Sheppart ako 1MB.

Kuna venye ulimulikwa mujamaa. But welcome back, in this village you can be anyone unaeza pata hata @Luther12 = @aviator ama @gashwin = @kawambui