Gilfillan House massage

I stumbled upon a massage parlour in Gilfillan House 1st floor shop 118. They do a serious body job and can massage your third leg on request.

Here we go again on a Monday morning

Third leg :D:D:D:D

Seriously should we be thinking about how to go for massage or how we kick off the week in our various places of work?

@Deorro Kindly introduce the “flagging” post option

Angalia hii thread

I stumbled upon meffi early in the morning village needs fugumation

Unasumbua mbirrionairs hapa with your cheap adverts. We are busy expanding our empires na wewe unatuletea maneno ya meffi massage.

Hahaha… Lipa VAT jaduong

This is the shit that our Idi Admin and his kanjo askaris should be deleting instead of telling us to go away. :smiley:

When does a dark debe get full?

Jesus come down, this village needs you.

You need to check out Lizze of Deliccious Parlour in Lavington …
Outstanding Hand and Mouth Skills …

Directions sir