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Yani huko kitunguu inanuka hadi mzungu anatoka Dubai akuje kuanza biashara Gikomba.[ATTACH=full]173150[/ATTACH]


Its called survival of the fittest. Darwin theory. Every civilization on earth no matter how advanced had a minority of foreigners who came and did well than locals. They see gaps that others don’t see, ignore or don’t care. One of my partners is a Tz, in the very rural south in a town called Mbeiya. He is living it up here in Nairobi and we help each other. Sasa why should he go back? He is an employer, paying taxes, law abiding and generating income. Hata kama I wouldn’t be allowed to do the same there, for us he is more of a gain than lose.

The reason the textile industry was killed, another scam scheme against the citizen. Mitumba’s industry is about disposing waste clothing from the west to the poor and corruption inclined nations. Many clothes are donated to charity to raise funds and others for free distribution. Many of those clothes should go for recycling or incineration, many are not fit to be sold.

Ban Mitumba to reinvigorate the textile Industry.

Uko ndio wale millionaires wa chini ya maji wamejificha… l know a lady who sells the bales to retailers she is stinking rich but ukikutana na yeye na wish yake unaeza madharau until you go to her place apo thome. Kahawa west ako na gorofa kama kumi.

Does anybody know why USA is so upset at Rwanda government for banning mitumba to the point of threatening sanctions? It’s not like exporting mitumba to little Rwanda earns USA billions of dollars. To USA government, mitumba is junk and they’re only too happy if someone will take it from them. So what gives? The way USA reacted to the ban it’s like Rwanda banned HP computers or household products from Proctor and Gamble.

sasa unacopy tu picha itusaidie aje, weka mpaka part ya hekaya tusome

These are the foreigners Matiang’i is after.
If he has a valid work permit it should be revoked with immediate effect.What special skill does he bring to the country selling mitumbas?
This is a job done by Kenyans at the lowest level to survive, if he has ‘excellent’ selling skills probably then he should be utilizing them in a much more demanding and challenging field.

Mimi hapa naona muosho wa pesa tu.

CIA agent. nihayo tu kwa sasa

This is quite obvious.

The mitumba industry in Europe was for a very long time run through donations by charitable organizations like Oxfam etc…
These charitable organizations (NGO) send an empty bag to your address every week and will ask you to donate any unwanted clothing, shoes etc for collection on a specific day.
Kazi Yao is for them to show up, pick up your donation and they then sell the collection at their designated charity shops (thrift shops in America).
They also have bins in most shopping centres where you can just drop off any unwanted clothing etc and it comes in very handy especially if you’re moving house and need to get rid of unwanted shit.

That was how they fundraised for a long time.

Then came the Eastern European mafia who saw the market for all these merchandise in Africa and other poor countries across the globe.
Hapo ndiyo ukora ilianza.

These gangs not only Robbed the donation bags and bins, they also opened shops where they buy your unwanted clothing by weight thus undercutting the charitable organizations.
Why would you give your stuff out for nothing while you could get something for it ata kama ni Ashu ya kuweka ngata siku umesota?

This Jungu is probably just carrying out an investigation of some sort of he could be part of the mafia that run this industry today.

Niaje Kabudaa, Ashu si ni ashara

Siku nyingi !..
Nice to see you again
Ashu ni ashara ama reiru in Greek.

the USA is just trying to stop this trend. if all EA countries stopped importing mitumba, that will hurt some people. its a multi-billion industry .

It’s all about tax evasion. Donations are exempt from the IRS so a company is donating metric tons of clothes per year to Africa the USA government will exempt them from paying any taxes. So politicians, church groups etc. are all involved so they can earn thousands of dollars and not pay a single inch of tax.

Rwanda and the greater EAC bans Mitumba will hurt the egos of well lubricated Washington DC cartels who make millions a year dumping all those clothes in Africa. It’s time we banned these donated trash and we restore our textile industry.

Matiangi alisema watu kama hawa their work permits should be revoked, he can’t stand foreigners taking up local jobs.

I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it. Kunywa uji nitalipia

I think he’s a businessman

Wa, Langley is now scrambling to retrieve their agent.