Gideon Mung'aro seems to be a liability more than an asset

The problem of getting wrong people to spread your message across a region…
Gideon Mung’aro seems to be a liability to Jubilee rather than an asset!

:D:D anawafuasi wengi

I would vote Mungaro for PTA member for his village primary school.

Mla tako wacha kusumbua.

Wacha ale pesa ziishe umskie akilia chooni.

Isn’t this true grassroots campaigning? Mimi sioni shida.

You guys just want to be wowed by large crowds. That’s what’s called herd mentality.

hata ruto mlisema hivo

That was the real supporters kuliko mob in nairobi na ni rooters,pick pockets and gold diggers and not voters

cc @introvert

Asande sana kwa kupiga hii nugu kalamu.


amesumbua siku nyingi

Wueeh… Hehehe…

Mimi nimeka Eldy for too long,i thought its a type of a voter in Nairobiwho loves arrow roots pwaahhh