Gideon Moi organizes Mungiki to deal with Ruto


Nyakundi is gun for hire

Is Munyaka where Okuyus were barbecued and roasted by Kalenjingas?

Maina Njenga is one of the closest family friends who joined former president Moi at Jonathan’s graveside.

Ruto once taught mungiki that they are not worth the name. Walitii

You missed the heads laid upon the highway hapo Naivasha?

Munyaka is where the athlete who was leading the kaleo army was felled and his troops scattered.

The moment mungiki will hurt the Kikuyus, their goose is cooked.

They tolerate, protect and not snitch on them because they are under the illusion that Mungiki protect them. They are lucky because the community protects them.

Wakijaribu waumize kikuyus kadhaa it will be Kwekwe squad season 2. People do know a lot na wakiamuwa kukugeuka there is nowhere to run.

Currently Ruto anapendwa na okuyu. If they use mungiki against him, it’s gonna be so bad.

Good to know that. Kalenjingas and Okuyu shiets can slaughter and make barbecues out of themselves for all we care. Wait, did I say we care? No, we don’t.

Pesa ngapi nanunua uhai wa mkenya? How much? I am just curious. Na hawa watu wa kupanga mambo na simu pia ni meffi sana.

Personally I feel the phone call was just friendlier.kwani mnadhani Gedion ni mjinga aje kupanga vitu Kama izo kwa simu?

Munyaka ni kwa ma mungich

They used to kill several kikuyus a day and they did not do anything

What can be directly attributed to the purpoted Gedion …after some ruffling and shuffles, is an invitation to tea, then God bless you

Wewe Jaruo jinga nitakuitia Patco akutukane

You Okuyus and Kaleos should stop dragging us into your shenanigans. Must this country stop since you two are throwing tantrums on each other. After ruling the country for 60 years, you should have solved your own differences. Kenya is greater than two tribes.

Hapa sugoi thug alicheza kaa yeye. Mungich was ferried in trucks and lorries ati waende backyard yake to protect kyuks, they were clobbered properly. On their retreat, ndio waliland naikuru and naivasha, (some had walked all the way from eld) and took out their frustrations on the outsiders huko.

You forget the many young men who up till today have never gone back home, Go ask ODM what happened to them.

Mungiki are loathed in centro, that’s why anyone who associates with them loses! Ask RAT:D:D

Jameni si tulisema it’s time for other tribes .Si mtafute Kabila zingine za kuchikia