Gideon Moi is the next deputy president

Moi was surprised after the completely unexpected happened, the unity of all important opposition figures… If this happens this year, surely the system can be defeated… Will it happen? I doubt it. About Tech and the Constitution, how is it different from 2017? In fact the constitution has been taken care of by having Koomes team now… Not Maraga…

Have no problems with that, the Tugens are our neighbors, we have been in peace since 1906.

Another lie you have been led to believe, 2017 was a sure win for Jubilee. I agree with you the OKA guys may take us to round two where kalonzo will join the candidate with the highest chance of winning or deepest pocket

From where I sit… There was never a clear win after 2002 in Kenya. I want both OKA and KKA to go to hell and have a fresh brain… But i am pessimistic.

11 August 2022,
Nairobi, 9a.m.
Dr. william Ruto clinches the presidency.

Itumbi niaje @spear Nipatie kazi ya kuwa C.I (confidential informant). Niko na inside access pale KANU. Ebu sema “jogoo jogoo”… hapo Sawa Itumbi. Ghasiaa

Gideon is Kanu, Jubilee is another party