Gideon Moi is the next deputy president


Kweli kuangushwa kwa Bbi ilifanya injustice sana kwa hawa watu

I theorized it here a while ago… That GM is going to be the undertaker DP to Baba… And I still hold that theory.


RAT & giddy ticket. They lose in all regions except Nyanza. Ukambani, Coast and Western gone. Central - Mt Kenya, RV, NE - Pastoral counties gone from the start.

However this ticket is understandable because of money issues. mama ngina decision not fund this campaign left a big hole to fill. Uhuru can’t do it on his own and can’t take Treasury funds under lock by IMF. So nyayo stolen loot abroad has to come into play. Results is coming third after wiper led oka.

Kitaibiwa… Mtado?

atazika RAT kwa kaburi ama sijaelewa undertaker inamaanisha nini

niaje deno?
toa plaster bandia kwa mkono, type hii story banae

What do you think will happen when a 59 year old Dollar Billionaire son of a former dictator supported by the current and former deep state will do to a 76 year old tired fellow?

What I know is that both Raila and Ruto will NOT choose a Kikuyu deputy.

We have no issues with that, all we need is Amani after August 9th 2022

True but if that happens, then we already know who the next president after Baba will be, don’t we?

Definetely, it was a game plan carried out in the 1960s. Kenyatta dies leaves Moi, Moi gromes Ohuru. Moi tell Ohuru groom Gideon. Even Raila knows the game. Anyway Kibaki and Raila comes in between as caretakers

I agree with you…


Yaani you have the guts to talk about stolen loot? When you are deeply in Ruto’s camp? Kweli Kalejingas are as foolish as they come. Nyani hazioni miknd zao.

The idea is to use raila to elevate gideon to national politics, a win maybe if BBI passed and OKA guys given some post here and there. If raila is second then gideon definetly takes over as the opposition leader becoz raila has to retire now. All this fights and schemes were to replace ruto with gideon as the favourite kale kingpin, but the tribal politics are nolonger holding water. The new constitution again has set a different play field that the dinosaurs are not used to. Huku ni kunoma, I feel sorry for raila and followers, he always choose the easy way which is the most risky, they are using him.

Whereas I agree that Baba is being used, do not underestimate the power and wherewithal of presidents with such a background and ours in Africa… They will use anything, I mean ANYTHING within their control to achieve this feat… So, Baba will be MADE the 5th… Whatever happens afterwards…

but giddy hana kura

Problem is in believing lies and hating to confront truth, before anybody makes you president you must have made yourself one first. You think moi with all the power he had with old constitution liked to lose in 2002, no he didn’t. Unless the margin is less than 2% no amount of rigging will help and especially with the new tech in our hands and new constitution. Uhuru dislike towards ruto is nothing without the backing of kenyans, his only bet was to sway his base to raila which backfired. The only way to make raila president through backdoor is to create chaos that may leave no country to govern, which isn’t worth it. What is about to happen is ruto gets presidency, raila retires and gideon is the new opposition leader, gideon later joins ruto in govt and that is it. Kenyans continue being shafted