Giant ship docks at Lamu port - Uhuru anafanya kazi buana!

The benefits of this port and the SGR will be felt by our grand kids.

They are good projects but overpriced.

Wapi price list yako we compare?

Mnajua kununua tu, hakuna chenye mnaexport. Meli zinaenda masafa marefu kuwaletea underwear za mtumba na toothpicks, hamna aibu?

amalize akwende tumechoka

vijana wanataka kazi

Thousands of jobs have been created at the port.

:D:D:D:D:D…port of Mombasa na jkia zimeenda Beijing yet you brag about a 3 berth port?

The Lamu port is going to be Kenya’s second deep-water port after Mombasa. Plans for a second deep-water port go back to mid-1970s, when the then Ministry of Power and Communications embarked on a study to set up a deep-water port on the Kenyan coastline. The principal reason to set up a second port was to reduce the economic dependency on the port of Mombasa, which was coming under increasing strain due to rising business volumes and demand. However, the lack of political will, exorbitant projected costs, and various inter-ministerial turf wars halted the project for almost 30 years. The project only materialised in 2012 when the then President and Prime Minister of Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Kenya laid the port’s foundation stone. All the three countries agreed to fund their part of the project from their respective national budgets. Lamu Port was originally designed to be a massive $3 billion project that would be implemented over a 16 year period. As envisioned, it would have a total of 32 berths and a total capacity of 24 million tonnes of cargo per year.

When the project was first conceptualised, the Lamu port was intended to connect the landlocked East African economies to global trade routes. It was also intended to help develop alternative routes, especially for the export of South Sudanese oil to India and the Far East, since most of the oil is pumped from the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline to the Port of Sudan. Even Ethiopia depended mainly on exporting their goods from the port of Djibouti, Berbera (Somaliland).

The Kenyan government has persistently argued in favour of the economic viability of the Lamu port project and its potential to transform regional economics through increased trade, integration, and interconnectivity. With a network of roads, rail, and pipeline connecting the port to the hinterland, the project will help Kenya to have the advantage of lower cost of transportation by reducing the distance between Kenya and South Sudan and parts of Ethiopia. This will not only help Kenya to gain greater access to markets for its products, but will also enable it to get revenue from cargo transiting through the Lamu port to other countries.

The Lamu port project and the LAPSSET corridor showcase the importance of making strategic decisions on infrastructure and regional connectivity to spur economic development.

With the war in tigray, ethiopia will have to use lamu port.

Uhuru na kazi

Is it a source of pride to import more and export nothing?

Overview: In 2019 Kenya was the number 63 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), the number 107 in total exports, the number 80 in total imports, the number 146 economy in terms of GDP per capita (current US$) and the number 87 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

Exports: The top exports of Kenya are Tea ($1.13B), Cut Flowers($616M), Refined Petroleum ($404M), Coffee ($224M), and Titanium Ore ($143M), exporting mostly to Uganda ($619M), United States($546M), Netherlands ($487M), Pakistan ($440M), and United Kingdom ($387M).

Imports: The top imports of Kenya are Refined Petroleum ($3.07B), Cars ($522M), Packaged Medicaments ($471M), Wheat ($439M), and Hot-Rolled Iron ($413M), importing mostly from China ($4.48B), United Arab Emirates ($1.83B), India ($1.82B), Saudi Arabia($1.28B), and Japan ($910M). Kenya is the largest importer of used motor vehicles in Africa.

How many M are in the exports category and how many B are in import category?

Wewe na ujinga yako pelekea Uhuru.

Sisi we are busy exporting kama mna tangatanga na kunugunika.

You spend billions importing vehicles from japan and whisky from scotland, 65 inch TVs, iphones, italian suits etc alafu you blame uhuru? I think Uhuru should ban all imports except for essential medicines ndio mpate adabu.

Unfortunately farmers are still getting shafted by dirty brokers

That’s right shut his mouth

We would love to produce lakini gava imefinya watu makei sana ndio waendelee kuleta stuff.

Ukifanya hesabu unapata cost of production iko juu kuliko ya imported stuff.

Cars is only half a billion. Why are we importing wheat? Saudi Arabia (not petrol) 1B. Don’t forget sugar and maize have also been imported before by akina Murathe and Co.

Food items that only need proper planning by the government.

Uhuru na John pombe… Wote meffi.

I have just realized you’re either a troll or just an imbecile. Last engagement.