Ghetto Fabulous

Watu wakue serious jo! :D:D

You gotta do what you gotta do :smiley:

Even the devil and his crew would be scared stiff of these ones.

Hawa wajinga wana ugonjwa ya kujibleach kama wa t.z na kunguru wa Nairobi 95%.
I once told one wangoje 10years from their starting point watakuwa hawawezi hata kutoka kwa nyumba kwa sababu ya deformities ama kidney &liver failure.
Hii Kenya tutajionea mambo

G.O.K should put a ban on skin bleaching chemicals, because these people will demand treatment down the line from the public institutions.

Not bad for a bankrupt (court order) dude who now lives in an apartment in Queens, NY.

Africa hatutumii majina kama ghetto fabulous

Sisi utumia gani mheshimiwa?

Niggas.You would never see a white billionaire pulling such ghetto stunts.
Black American folks sense of wealth and their relationship with money is always funny to watch.

Why would a nigga worth just 20M feel the need to pose with millions in his house just to proof he is rich.No wonder many blacks who have earned millions in their careers become broke later in life.

Mike Tyson ndiye alinishaangaaza. Nigga blew $300 million dollars -in the 1980s!!! That’s like a Billion dollars in today’s money.

The mofo even had pet Siberian tigers in his mansion. :smiley:

:D:D:Dwould be epic if the next headline read “50 cent gets robbed”