Ghana made saloon car


So Ghana can do this and we cant?



Tuko na SUV by the name Mobius



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Compared with theirs, our Mobius looks stone age.
This Vs


All that cash Loootto and and co. have looted. Why cant they invest in serious industry such as this? Kazi ni kusanya tu na kustash Switzerland. You would think they will carry the loot to the afterlife.


Faggot we have sold out model SUVs meffi.

Ok. It’s because raira willo neffa


We have Mobius. But if we could, would you buy a zero mileage car for 5million shillings or more?

Who is stopping you from starting?

0 mileage vehicle for personal use don’t make sense in our part of the world. But a commercial vehicle naendea mpya kwa dealer.


Capital bro. Thats what I lack.
Working in it though, that is if they dont loot all of it huko juu.

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Hiyo ndio shida. The market for new cars is too tiny it doesn’t make economic sense to build new cars here. Unless for export, but then again we can’t compete with Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, China etc on that front.

What are you making. Innovation starts from the bottom up. Are we making Tyres, gears, wind shields, rubber, cloth or are we busy importing??


Hii ni umeffi ya kwado safo- kanyare wa gghana…he simply assembles the chinese made cars and ghananians being ever gullible kama @phantom actually believe him…


Well said my friend . Ongeza kununua buildings dubai

Think about the employment he creates . Stop thinking shallow. How many Ghanaians are employed hata kama anatoa shuma kwa sewage …does it matter?

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Hii ndio shida yetu Africans . We can’t empower our own and prefer things from the west . What if he decides to make a commercial vehicle , will you buy one “made in ghana?” Ama " made in Germany"

@Abba fafa saidia huyu retard…i was simply pointing out a fact, not getting into its pros and cons

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Pole my bad my bad

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because china can do better. So its easier to just buy buy buy buy buy.