Ghana is Changing its Reserve Currency from US Dollar to Gold to strengthen its Cedi

great some african nations wanaamka, the Emirates have been doing this for years.

Civil war uploading. Uncle sam hataki kuskia upuss za kinamna hii. If one banana wants out,whats stopping the rest of the bunch?

EAC should do the same, Congo is sitting on trilions dollars worth of minerals

Upus low IQ victim mentality.

Good stuff. Gold has been a medium of exchange or reserve currency for over 5000 years and it won’t stop just because some colonial settler state feels entitled

Democracy loading in 5,4,3 …

What does Ghana produce to warrant to make such a bold move? Cocoa? Who is supporting them? Swaziland

1 airstrike watukunja mkia wajue who the real bosses are

Low IQ bonobo victim mentality


Counter with facts, meffi.

Ata brother Sam wont bother with such a small country. But the idea has to be quashed by all means

Ghana’s pre-independence name was Gold Coast. They have Gold Deposits.

Most people here are too lazy to find information.

No, EAC cannot do the same for similar reasons…They are Not even an economic entity except in theory.

Let me laugh at this absurdity. Ata walidiscover serious large aquifers of water in Turkana county, that could supply Nairobi county with all the water they need, but Nanok ni nani. Tafuta hiyo thread somewhere here circa 2020

Gold reserve ni wewe. Ghana aint shit to threaten the dollar

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Democracy loading

Low IQ bonobo victim mentality

Jibu na facts Ghaseer!

@uwesmake I finally moved from that shithole you called home. But utaniona tu soon Harrys nikuletee malaya na Gilbeys

Shenzi. That’s what they have always done.

America may soon deliver some freedom in Ghana.

I don’t need to respond with facts to a low IQ bonobo with victim mentality.

Upus low IQ bonobo victim mentality.