Gey Pub Etiquette

Niggers, how are you supposed to behave if you ever find yourself in one of these low-down gey bars?
I don’t mean the openly gey bars like Spiders in Nairobi.
I mean the low-down ones (where folks pretend to be str8 kumbe ni mashoga shoga hivi). kama hizi za manamba manamba zenye huwa kwa matatu terminuses.
Like something I did last year, when I visited a certain pub in Chaani. All that the guys were talking about was kufirana, kufirwa, kufira etc.
An old man entered, and the fellas – who looked like police types – wanamshow “huyu mzee, vile ako na kinyambis kubwa, akikutingishia unaweza shusha haraka sana.”[it almost got out of hand, as the old man started pulling down his trousers (jocking of course) ili afirwe. I am sorry to say this, but he pulled down his trousers to an extent where his hips joint became visible! his mates felt that he was being insulted and it almost degenerated into a physical fight.]
Another one was telling his friend “nikubaiye beer gapi hivi unidinye?”
We also had a fella recounting vile “kudinywa mkudu ni kama kutiwa tubako. mwili yote huwa inawasha…”
All was being said in jest, of course. But from the fullness of the heart, the mouth overflows. To the extent that they were dwelling so much on these issues, I couldn’t help feeling that that was their line.
Now as a straight person, how do you react?
If upon hearing what the people are discussing you rush out, watasema “wewe ni shoga, na umewashwa na kile umeskia mpaka ukatoroka”.
If you continue staying there, they will assume that you are one of them, and they will start hitting on you…



you the nigga going to gay clubs:D:D:D… what’s so appealing about mavi??

you don’t go into a gey pub knowingly (unless of course you know what you are looking for). you just find yourself in from outside appeared to be an innocent pub, kumbe ni base ya low-end shogas. c unajua wanaume huwa hawategi kwa barabara kama wanawake.

you just owned yourself

Msee alisema kutombwa mkundu, huwa m2 anaskia ni kama ametiwa pilipili/tubako mwili mzima. Based on your experience, is it true? [20 marks].

you sure go into details for a nigga who doesn’t frequent such places:D:D:D

Mkia ni ngapi

Homosexuals wenye hutombana hapa Ni @Jimit mwenye hutombwa na baba yake , @poyoloko mwenye hutombwa na babu yake na @MBOMB mwenye hutombwa na chokora yeyote . waulize advice

Humbwer meffi ghassia tuckertucker @uwesmake /lichoti we know your handwriting you shameless homosexual. Ive never blocked anyone but consider yourself blocked fool

Though I am a top I once tried being a bottom and yeah it is true. You feel muscle spasms throughout your body. However, there are many ways you can avoid these contractions such as the use of lubes.

Umemeza ARVs kwanza?

Endeni mkaongelee ushoga kwa ile village ingine. Msenge wewe

We can ignore your gey lifestyle but it becomes despicable to try to spread it to the rest of humanity. Keep your choices to yourself.

how does one ‘find’ themselves in a geh bar?,Is it through blindfold?,kidnapping?,magic? ama one just walks in?

study has found,that you sir are GEH ,not low key,but major GEH

Dunia ina mambo.

I also don’t “find myself “ in lesbian pubs … you gerrit? (Wink wink )
Own it.

Well, this partly explains the HIV conspiracy theories being bandied about

Despicable as it is, it seems to be a very major part of the human reality. There are so many homosexuals who pretend to be straight. Read Terrence Dean’s Book "Hiding in Hip Hop’ ndio uelewe vile hii story uenda. The people who bash geys most loudly [like you]tend to be the chief homos. So i am trying to expose it, but your single digit iq can’t allow you to see what is being done here. Ng’ombe ya m7 wewe.