Gey community hii video iko wapi?

Chimpanzees sasa mumechoka na wanawake. Huyo wa kofia is a husband and a father to somebody. Nikiwambia chimpanzees ain’t shit, unasema junguuuu hupenda nyuma but I don’t see any junguu here. Tabia zenu ni mbaya zidi za junguu.

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It was Posted here some time ago… I believe @Kanguthi Coerced the Admin to Pull down the video because of Unknown Reasons that we are yet to Understand… As a matter of fact @KING_KING_100 , the “Shimo Mbaya ni ya Nyoka” Brigade Commander, is still not Happy with the decision at all.


Ulisema nitagwara lini hio mboco yako?

These chimpanzees do worse things than what they blame junguu for. Atlanta where it’s mostly black folk has so many geys who are on the DL. And of course of HIV. Tabia ya nugu ni Ile Ile be it in ATL or Kenya. But they will be like junguu wanapenda nyuma, at least ni nyuma ya mwanamke sio ya mwanaume wenzako. Talk about a pot calling a kettle black. Junguuuu all the way and ferk this perverted monkeys.

What’s your male handle juu najua ni ndume with two small balls behind this handle?? Your testosterone is leaking. No way a bitch typed this.

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Women have become too lose. Men with small penises like @kanguthu are looking for tightness in the buttocks

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Leave people to enjoy what they like


Gay wanapenda harufu ya choo sana. How can you give a BJ Kwa urinals. Meffi hao