Getting things right

From the videos below and many others I have watched, it seems these Britons got things in order from the word go. Organized is the word to use.
You want a property, go to the property agents, say your needs by giving descriptions, and quoting the budget.

The property agent will take you to at least 3 properties to choose from and no pressure to commit yourself after being taken around. Of course one pays a facilitation fee.

Most clients end up getting more than what they asked for.

I have noted the property prices are controlled. If I got such monies I would do so much with it. The only downside is that most clients buy them as retirement homes. I hope they live long enough to enjoy their stay in their newly acquired properties.

Ohh and I must say I once called Palmgolding office to ask about a certain property located in Thigiri. ([SIZE=1]Not that I wanted to buy, just viewing[/SIZE]), the first question the agent asked was where do you live currently. I said Thindigua, then beautiful lady’s voice said …“sorry the property has been sold” a week later the property was still on the advert.

Wale wenye mnaishi majuu if I were you, I would get myself one of those and live there happily ever after.


bonne nuit

there is a documentary by ross kemp about homelessness in that country.

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. In any given society, they will always be a % that isn’t doing well, but definitely that % in UK is lower than in .ke.

Buying a home is a matter of balancing between your needs and want, it’s much easier to buy a house mayuu than in .ke.

Sijui nini mbaya na bonobo so sceptical and always pessimistic even something educational like that to learn from lazma alete tu ubonono.

Haha, that’s true. If you see some of the inexpensive yet classy, spacious homes over here one really questions why they should ever return to Kenya.

Seriously I would take that bargain if i had a chance.Then arrange for frequent visits to my home country.I see peace and order there which is very vital for human life.

UK,please share the link ukiipata.Na vile wako na so much underutilized land

If you got the money,i have liked their process,very straightforward.

kenya hakuna property agents. hawa huwa brokers matapeli. waanaambia mwenye nyumba nakuletea client, ongeza 1m juu ya asking price. Ile pesa iko juu no yangu. ukiniruka nakuitia vijana wa odi wakukate shingo.

Weee kwani you forgot to change pampers,wacha makasiriko baba

Majuu kuna opportunities,but racism sucks.Some hill billies will hunt my black skin down as I go for a run and shoot me to death,why?Coz am black.Halafu hakuna base ya nyamchom, kachumbari,tusker hakuna.Kuku kienyeji ni classified kama wild animal,ukikula unashikwa (eg Brussels in Belgium).Huwezi pata biz ya tender or any type ya maana coz being foreigner etc.The thing that makes sense about majuu if one gets naturalized is that they enjoy a good social welfare system like the rest of the citizens alongside other opportunities.Otherwise hakuna difference between a person on non immigrant visa and a Kenyan anaishi Kenya.
Imagine living next to people who hate your guts coz your black for the rest of your life.Afadhali Kenya mahali discrimination ni ya pesa.

Is it all jungus who hates blacks,this is in UK who colonized us,i thought they have a soft spot for them blacks unlike those from the TrumpsLand

White people will always have a nagging voice in their head telling them that they are superior to you.Blame it on the Darwinism theory that was a foundation for the Western society.It does not matter how exposed or religous the person is


Majuu nilisema naenda huko kuanza biz kama msito Elon Musk.

I like the U.K but honestly all those houses are so small crampy looking. I prefer American homes which are larger and have a more open, airy vibe compared the old world vibe of British/European homes. The homes in UK just look like upgraded Kenyan homes whereas most American homes are “smart homes”.

Have you visited those in the coutryside.They look much better and unique

Yes I have but I’m honestly not a fan of European homes. I have relatives who live in the UK and visit every few years. Majority of those homes are older (pre 1900s) and it’s just not my vibe. I like homes that are new, fresh and feel “clean” and insulated. My home state of Texas is known for massive suburban sprawls with new homes…that’s what I’m used to.