Getting ready to interview my future wife

It was on a recent retreat with my father that marriage finally started making sense to me. See, I’ve never been one to jump into things just because, “That’s how it has always been done.” Hii opuss ya mapenzi na sijui procreation have never been good enough reasons for me kuingia plantation.

Enter Baba Bachelor. I was pitching this business idea I was getting ready to begin actioning when I mentioned how my greatest concern was finding someone with complementary strengths to mine who would effectively cover my weak areas in the business. I wanted his advice on how he would go about identifying such a person. And that’s when he dropped it.

Baba Bachelor: What are these areas of weakness you’re worried about?

Bachelor: Operations. The day-to-day running of the business.

Baba Bachelor: The kind of business you are starting requires a very reliable person. Like a spouse.

That’s all he had to say. At first, I thought he was just cleverly trying to pile pressure on me to settle down. It wouldn’t have been the first time. But every time I thought about what he said, it made even more sense.

Anyway, long story short, it’s been two months since I started the business and we’re now ready to hire permanent staff. How would you go about getting someone who was a good fit for both the business and yourself without straying into unethical territory? Of course, for now, the business comes first. The idea is to identify someone who will get the job done now but has desirable qualities kukua bibi and a business partner. Obviously, I can’t control whether ataingia box if I decide to shoot my shot in the future, but what would you be looking for NOW in preparation? I already have an FB Job ad running as I type this and below is my targeting:

  • Women (duh!)
  • 22-25 (no postwall)
  • Must be college-educated with real marketable skills in the area I’m hiring for (sitaki fala au mtu ataenda kuuza kuma maisha ikikua ngumu)
  • Must be easy on the eyes but with no visible signs of ukunguru (naosha macho kwa profile ya kila applicant)
  • Single with no kids (most women with kids will have pictures of them on their socials)
  • The job is physically demanding and requires a lot of discipline that even I struggle with. Any signs of softness kama makucha refu is a no-no.

I know even with all this I could still end up na kunguru sugu in the house, but it doesn’t hurt to increase my chances of success.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dwacha kunichekesha mwanakijiji…lets break it down :
1.what are the odds of getting a good partner prewall without even the business knowledge ???
2.what are the odds of getting a good employee male/female with the afromentioned qualities of being a hardworker etc.???
3. Now what are the odds of getting option one and option 2 with them being a lady, not just a lady, she should be easy on the eye with NO visible signs of ukunguru, single with no kids furthermore the job is physically demanding and requires alot of discipline

In short what you are looking for doesn’t exist in this world as far as I know off…but the closest you can get to that is you either:
1.look for an employee if your business is a priority
2.look for a wife if having a family is of importance to you.
3. Go the @Yuletapeli route of getting your girl unripe and you ripen her as a wife, a graduate and as an employee but ka ukijua bado kunguru hafugiki

The problem is here…“must be college-educated with real marketable skills…”

Hii type ni ya kunguru.

Find an employee train him or her. That’s how I do it.

Kama ni bibi, find a young girl teach her your ways. Wacha bibi awe bibi. Kazi yake ni anything that is home related. Your staff Wacha wafanye kazi. Kila mtu na department yake. That’s how you get results. Kama unataka bibi akue your business partner…jua tu unataka kulia. Utaanguka!!

Hehe, naona mawazo yako nikama yangu. OP should know something about division of labor and specialization :smiley:

Chief ulikuwa unioshe macho na huyo soft meat worker wako. Na uniskumie number inbox.

You have heard or read somewhere that love & beershara don’t go into the same pot, right? Look around you - who here is a big shot in business with the spouse? How’s the marriage for the dude?

Think long. Think hard. Take your time.