Getting Parcels from Abroad

Since Kenya doesn’t have door to door addresses, how the fuck do you guys get packages/parcels delivered right to your doorstep using FedEx International Priority?

Do you guys just put the building name address na postal code ya Nairobi ama?

Or do you use the post office for everything?

Maisha ya Kenya ni ngumu sana

I order stuff mainly from Shina and the ups guys use g4s kipande hii…when the parcel lands they call and ask on the drop-off point kisha natoklezea

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What about Amazon us? I’m planning to bring something

Sisi tumezoea kwendea mzigo. Fanay hivi rudi mahali ulikotoka. Rudisha ulami sodom


Have them ship to FedEx office and you can pick it up. I give them the road name , building number and house number .

What about the postal code? Hii tu ya Nairobi 00100 ama?

Yes . They will call you Incase of any delivery issues and if it’s something sensitive send it to main office for pickup.

Sandi sana!

Entitlement yawah

Ulikula mtu ama bado balls ziko blue. :joy:

This proves your IQ is single digit. Put your number and nearest feature

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