Getting ahead in life financially

At times I wonder whether I am on the right track financially. Contextually, I earn 50k net, from which I pay 10k rent, and save a minimum of 35k p.m (been doing this for a year and a few months)

Since it is a government institution, I am able to manouver and make a few extra coins which I use for minor miscellaneous expenses (fare, meals, parents, shamra shamra etc etc.).

The job is not permanent & pensionable.

With exactly 4 years to hit 30, I can’t help but think whether there is anything I should be doing differently. So far I have decided to:

  1. Delay purchasing a car for as long as possible. (workmates tuko same “grade” wameanza kununua)
  2. Stick to my 10k rental pigsty.

What are some costly financial & life mistakes people make earlier on in life that they live to regret?

Hypothetically, what can a person in ther 20s do to get ahead in life?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

You’re doing all the right things, unfortunately, your income is holding you back. Do you plan on having kids? If so, ensure the person you marry has a good job that way you both can double your income while halving your living expenses.
Be careful with plunging your money into businesses because you can lose it all.
Avoid expensive debt especially these mobile loans.
Your goal right now should be findings ways to increase your income.

Uko sawa kabisa ,just put your money in areas with a good return on investment , don’t succumb to peer pressure and grow your career by adding more skills and network vigorously.

Hapo kwa income ndo kuna tafash. How else does one increase their income, apart from gaining experience in the field with the hope of cashing on it in a few years, say 3-4 years?

I doubt you are 26 years… You must be in your mid 30s.

:D:Dlakini purple we hunibamba. Western culture imekuingia sana.
I will hustle as much as I can, ammense wealth that I can without the thought of someone I’m going to hitch will dive in for support financially.

Kama gani?

Brilliant. You got me. So how did you figure it out?

I am a mind reader bwoy.

Insecure people are triggered by age. Of course you might be 26 but men rarely care about their age untik they arw in 30s

It’s such a pity you can’t see through such basic sarcasm, mind reader man.
That being said, if you’re not going to meaningfully contribue to the discussion, keep off.

:smiley: utangoja sana ktalk birrionaires wakupatie blueprint, all I can say is never shy away from taking risks, nobody will ever show you how to make money without trying to take it from you

This point is neither here nor there. I do follow @Azor Ahai’ s advice closely, because it resonates with my belief system. For a man, 30 hua a defining moment. At that age mse anafaa kua ameanza kua na semblance of financial stability. Hata ka mse hatakua na ktalk birrions, at least one should have positively identified a career path or a business that will take them to the next level.

Case in point, I don’t evision myself living in a bedsitter at 30. As at now, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe experience will teach me otherwise; but i’ll leave that to time.

For now, kama unaeza toa mawahidha, nitashukuru.

Invest in yourself. Skills and qualifications that can take you from the job you are having now to another in private sector or UN/NGO that will pay you 3-5 times your current income in the next 3 years.

Corporate bonds, corporate shares , money market , government bonds , commodities market , stocks .

I do save with money market. Will explore the rest.

You are selling hope, not financial advice. How many people get jobs in the UN? Very few you might say. You can have all the qualifications and still fail get those jobs


If you cannot live like a 26 year old guy at 26, maafaka I doubt you will live like a 26 year old at 50. Relax a bit. Get a jalopy. Go places with the crew. Catch yourself waking up in a place you have no recollection how you got there. You will not die from living.