Get free data and cash by downloading Mpesa App now

Only on Safaricom. The better option!


am one of the few kenyans who has not downloaded the app, nangoja wafike 1000 bob na 20 GB data

Am not downloading that shit. Nani aliwaambia tunataka app?

I downloaded for the data but I will uninstall once I use up the data

Billionaire, that is for sure a clever way of saving your coins

birionea una operate kama 20 yr old peasant wa paipu

You guys are late to the party…
Naskia wameacha kupeana 100 bob for every install?

Congratulations! PFS7OJH*** confirmed.You have received Ksh100.00 from M-PESA App Cashback on 28/6/21 at 6:55 PM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh***. Separate personal and business funds through Pochi la Biashara on *334#.

Yenyewe Kua peasant ni mbaya…Io day niliendea keg okombe mbili nikaambia Sir God asante kwa kucheza ka yeye :smiley: :smiley:

Being stingy and mean is what has led me to be a billionaire