Germany Working On a Plan To send Some MUSLIM Asylum Seekers To Kenya,Ghana, Senegal & Morocco

Germany is working on a plan to send some asylum seekers to Africa while their cases are pending, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Berlin is considering asking Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, and other African countries to house some asylum seekers while their applications are processed, as the procedure can take “years,” the newspaper said, citing unnamed German officials.


The proposals are still being negotiated but could include the permanent resettlement in these countries of people who do not win refugee status, according to the WSJ’s sources. The scheme could also be used to encourage those who are eligible for protection in Germany to settle in third countries.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, his top aides and key ministers “have been exploring deals to reroute some refugee flows through Africa for months and are now drafting offers to various governments,” unnamed officials told the WSJ.

Nabii akiona mahali inatoka ya macho ataenda kama anakimbia


Which kenya

Kenya Kwisha


Now you see? Where are those idiots who were saying arabu watoke europe? Where did they think they will go if not europe?

Us who see far tulisema arabu waende europe wakae hapo but hao mafala vichwa uji insisted watoke europe.

Some fukers should not be given privileges of posting.

Wacha arabu wakuje application zao zikuwe rejected they be citizens of kenya. I hope they will start by islamising these fuking muthungu loving idiots we have here in kenyatalk.


We are already doing that with Sudanese and Somali refugee’s in particular that; theoretically on official records have been accepted, for relocation to the West esp US n Canada (I know this for certain) but are however retained here and given special status has permanent residence in a deal done with the government. They collect welfare cheques from their respective governments abroad through NGO agencies based locally. Those are the ones you see moving into upper market neighborhoods across major cities here. They are initially allocated where to settle but most end up moving to Nairobi. The government gets a cut and the dollars get spend here. This two countries present their # to the UN as having met their quarter of refugee uptake and fulfilled their obligations to the agency but in reality… they took in fuck all. Canada I know prefers economic refugees over African humanitarian refugees. Can’t blame them either … dem niggers went there n truly fucked it up. All they do is collect welfare so they figured might as well collect it there.

Our policies should only cover refugees from neighboring countries. Hao walienda huko majuu hata kama ni from neighboring countries should go back to their own countries na sio kuletwa huku.


Watu WA Gaza wamekataliwa Egypt and Jordan. Israel imesema hata Negev desert wasikaribie. Alafu utaskia they’re being rerouted huku kwetu coz tuko na Gaza Kayole. Bora Nabii apewe za macho. It is what it is.


Why can’t those shitty Arabs be taken to an Arab country

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Exactly my point bwana uwesmakende, why can’t they be taken to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait ? Those are rich countries compared to Kenya kwisha . Morocco it’s Okey since it’s a Muslim country. Kenya tumejaa kama zile matunda bus za kwenda huko busia .

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Sioni shida. We have always been an embracing country, and a dependable ally in solving problems not only here at home but importantly, the world

Urongoooo, hawa ni watoto wa generals wamejaa Kilimani

He is right, there are many refugees who collect a stipend every month hapo westlands.