GERMANY VS GHASIA official thread

Germany needs to score just one goal and will go top of the group with 7 points,Sweden will go through as the runners up due to superior goal difference.
The last 10mins are tense for Mexico and Germany.

This announcer is annoying

kwisha sisi

Poleni Germany

wizi mtupu

Kwa mwendo huu, Brazil ipo matatani pia

Hii world cup usitake jua vile karauri ananukisha onions. Naona akiangusha overfinch na Myboch this year.

I dont bet.

VAR has been reviewed and korea iko mbele


What happening to Germany? this is dissapointing

I was scared for mexico

:DBet yake imekunywa maji

:D:eek: neuer nowhere and now Son has scored


German goalie woiiiii

Neuer ame amua aje :D:D


mdomo refu Sana all your German rats go home.

Ile squad ilikua leo i knew it Germany would loose…wawe pole