GERMANY VS GHASIA official thread


Germany 1_1 sk

Niaje jirani



Özil back in the lineup…

I dislike that rat.

Rinki ndio hizi:

He, he, it’s still early days but I like the way Korea wanakimbisha Germany.

I doubt he likes you either.
Or even aware of your existence.
This sounds like a personal problem.

cjui mbona Germany inabembeleza ao machingo…smh

Are these guys exhausted from their club commitments this past season?
A lot of “stars” are really underwhelming.

I hate to say this but Belgium may just run away with this tournament.

kuna masimba hazijaiunua mkia

Germany imelegea… boring as fuck .

2nd half itakua porn mungich

Hawa jamaa wako ovyo sana, hata naona Ngombe ya Totte, Son ikipata bao, he’s been threatening…

I wont bother watching 2nd half Wanacheza kama watu wamekula ile ugali high school ya afternoon
I hope they lose they are too cocky.

Tuna unleash German machine leo.

Hii machine leo iko na oil ya Grogon…

We are all free to hate or like someone and saying it’s a personal problem is as good as saying you will shit tomorrow.
Man, isn’t it obvious?