Germany the global leader in a new brand of Socialism.


Since Merkel became Chancellor, Socialism has had a reawakening especially in Germany and Western Europe.

Merkel is a trained socialist raised in East Germany and grew up getting indoctrinated in the local Socialist youth league. Her successor is similarly a socialist. Klaus Schwarb a German and father of the great reset is selling socialism to the masses. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

Soon after assuming leadership, Merkel was soon joined on the world stage by another socialist Barack Obama who has done irreparable damage to race relations in the U.S.

Obama was raised by a socialist mother who was closely monitored by the unwoke FBI of that era. He was mentored at a young age by Frank Marshall Davis a well known labour activist with heavy Soviet leanings.

Even the way the Obama’s moved around the world when he was a child are indicators of a spy mother escaping authorities.

Be that as it may we can see the results today. An extremely violent, socialist militant group in every Western country known as Antifa. This militant group Antifa is funded by the cabal of new socialist states i.e Germany, U.K, U.S, Canada etc.

Merkel has practically sold Germany to Russia and China to do as they please.

During the cold war East Germany was the top hub of socialism insurgency. If the USSR needed microchips, they were often stolen from West Germany and shipped off to Moscow.

If North Korea needed Western technology, same story. And today these very same Marxist operatives are in charge of Germany.

Merkel has opened Germany’s doors to foreigners from the Middle East in the hope of spreading her brand of socialism far and wide. Her closest associate in Africa is one Raila Odinga who visits Germany regularly.

German conservatives riot daily against the local Antifa chapter. The left also desires to inject everyone with a vaccine. It was obvious for all to see that Trump’s most formidable foe was Angela Merkel. If she had a gun she would’ve shot him in the face.



What is their plan? What do these socialists really want. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

What does that even mean?

Anyway Forbes magazine attempted to answer these questions.

FYI Antifa is a German left wing militant group started in the late 70s by akina Merkel when they were college students

Antifa was started by the East German govt to create turmoil in West Germany.

Riots everywhere against the socialist agenda.



Kwani ni waafrika peke yao wamekubali hii mambo ya korona scams?

People rejecting covid world order over the world except africa?

The bonobo does as it is told. Niliskia mwingine akisema hapa ktalk ati as long as mzungu anajidunga then it is safe.

Also how many Africans outside the internet have ever heard of Wuhan Lab or Fauci or give a damn for that matter?

Majority of Nairobians for instance believe in CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera without any doubts. Mtu kama @Kennedy Maina ako na CNN app hadi kwa simu for breaking news updates. Every restaurant in Nairobi only shows CNN. What do you expect? How would they know about Project Defuse or Peter Dazsak?

Uhuru Kenyatta mwenyewe ni mtu wa CNN. Hata hajui ecohealth alliance nikusema nini. Yeye anataka tu askie Chinese loans zimeingia treasury. Wakukufa shauri yake.

Ndindu anasikiza akina Al Jazeera



You know we are living pricarious times when a Russian becomes champion of democracy