Germany says enough is enough!

planning on dropping all sanctions against Russia, with winter around the corner and a massive industry to support with Russian gas, sanction are on the negative.

Hehehe. What a good time to be alive and witness the mighty fall.

I don’t support Russia lakini kuna vile Putin amepiga Westerners 10-0. If Germany capitulates, the entire EU will capitulate along with it.

huwezi ona ng’ombe @Simiyu22 hapa

ata kihiī @Mangele akimaliza ku~deliver pizza hutamuona …

wakidai vile big countries like germany, china, india, turkey, iran, philipines can just enforce muricas’ sanctions on mighty russia blindly:D:D

Demystifying the Western World before our eyes, Sub-Saharan countries ought to put their feet down and put their interest first.

That stupid Kenyan ambassador should see this pamoja na American lovers @hakimoto
Down with the United sodom of Gomorrah

From what am seeing NATO is preparing for war.

Idiots closed the nuclear plants due to tree huggers !

Interesting. War in the winter time ?

War is for elites not for the masses.

They don’t care if it is winter-the masses always lose.

Hadn’t thought of that. I’ve just seen the NATO Strategic Concept they have agreed in Madrid today in deploying more troops, destroyers, aircraft and armoured vehicles to Europe. Also Germany allocated €100 billion special kitty for its military this month.

In the North of equator , the ideal time to start war is in the spring. March, April, May, when it’s starting to warm up, you really don’t wanna start war when winter is around the corner, and it’s even worse when it comes to Russia.
Too many logistical problems, and the cold weather may greatly affect the ground troops.

Putin amefanya kazi buana!




wewe kujia beach plot mariopul

Seems like Mzee Biden ameangusha sana EU bloc for lack of leadership on the Ukrainian-Russian saga.

First Macron griping before Biden in the vicinity of mics, then this.

The sanctions have bitten allies more than it has bitten the enemy (Putin & Russia). The only casualties Russia has are the oligarchs.


Fake news. Why are you desperate?

they can take the whole US army to britain or wherever, nonody cares:D

si hao jeshi wapelekwe ukraine na izo mikebe f35 zao. britain hakuna vita

MTU wa tuala rongai unaongea mingi juu ya nini