Germany: 12,000 protesters glorify jihad violence, and chant ‘Death to Jews’

Didn’t the world just go through this a few decades ago in Nazi Germany? What happened to “Never Again?” Wow! This is a key indicator to show you that there will be WW3, (if we’re not in it already) when you see a rise in anti-semitism reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany. Jacob (Israel) is getting ready to go through the second time of trouble, in fulfillment of scripture, and not even the UN can stop the second Holocaust. It’s all lining up folks. The End (of the world) is here.


Islamic antisemitism has been rising globally for years via the effective manipulation of Palestinian victimhood. Of course, the well-documented Palestinian goal of obliterating the state of Israel is presented to the world as a “resistance” in the face of injustice, a presentation that involves erasing history.

The hatefest and incitement to violence — presented as a “protest” in Berlin — would never be tolerated in any Western society against any other group. It shows the effectiveness of propaganda, as well as how leaders are willing to kowtow to Islamic supremacists out of fear. Although “Berlin police had banned calling for Israel’s destruction and showing flags and signs of terror organizations” before the protest, the rallygoers ignored the ban. The demonstration escalated to full-blown antisemitism. The Times of Israel described the protest:

[INDENT]“Death to Israel. Death to the Jews.” Shockingly, these chants were heard at “anti-Israel” protests in the Berlin neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln, over Passover. The demonstrations were co-organized by a group called Samidoun – part of a network of NGOs connected to the Popular Front Liberation of Palestine (PFLP),[/INDENT]
The biggest questions are these: how many arrests were made? And will there be followup?

The more Israel defends itself and the rights of Jewish people, the more vicious the jihad against it becomes, along with a surge in tolerated antisemitism. The Samidoun Network posted images of the demonstration on Telegram to further fuel its mission.

“Berlin Becomes A Scene Of Protests Led By PFLP-Affiliated Samidoun Group, Calling For Extermination Of Israel; Hundreds Of People March In Solidarity With Palestinian Arabs,” MEMRI, May 2, 2023:

[INDENT]Amidst the renewed violent clashes between the Israeli security forces and Palestinians on Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the coinciding Ramadan and Passover holidays, German capital once again became a scene of public calls for the extermination of the Jewish state. On April 8, approximately 500 pro-Palestinian protesters marched through the street of the Berlin districts of Neukölln and Kreuzberg, both with large Arab and Turkish populations, chanting antisemitic and anti-Israel slogans and calling for the destruction of Jews and Israel. Some of the chants heard were: “Death to the Jews! Death to Israel!”, “I generate the bloody body!”, as well as “Tel Aviv, the answer will come!” Protesters openly glorified terrorist violence and praised the military arm of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades that is responsible for numerous suicide attacks against civilians, rocket attacks, and hostage taking. The protest was organized by the German branch of the “Samidoun – Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network,” a direct affiliate of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which simultaneously mobilized a protest gathering in Cologne.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]On April 6, Samidoun posted on its Telegram channel an event flyer announcing the protest march held under the slogan of “Solidarity With the Steadfast Defenders of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.” The protest started in the center of Neukölln district and ended at Kottbusser Tor station in the neighboring Kreuzberg district. An additional gathering was to take place in the center of Cologne at the Heumarkt square.[1][/INDENT]
[INDENT]Although Samidoun is banned in Israel as a terrorist organization, given its extensive overlap with the PFLP and its involvement in planning and networking, the organization is still free to operate in Europe. Despite PFLP being listed as a terrorist organization in Israel, the U.S., the E.U., and elsewhere, Samidoun is not subjected to a ban in Germany where operates freely. Regardless of the evidently illegal slogans at the Samidoun-organized protest, the police forces present at the scene and provided with official Arabic interpreters, remained idle and refrained from intervening and dispersing the demonstration.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Images from the protest in Berlin and Cologne have circulated on various social media platforms including Telegram, Facebook, as well as TikTok, shared by individual attendees as well as by the Samidoun Network itself.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]On its Telegram channel, the Samidoun Network posted on April 9 images and video footage of the protest……[/INDENT]

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I support the jihadists.

That text was written by a Jew.

The jews are racist in their own right.

They love to play victims.

Hitler failed he should have done better

Hitler alitukosea Sana. He could have finished those cancerous species. Wametupora ya kutosha.

Hitler failed the world by invading the Soviet Union. He should have just focused on Poland and the Jews and the world would be a happy place today.

What a sad commentary. Why people hate Jews goes beyond the natural, because it’s a spiritual thing. Satan hates Israel and the Jews because Jesus was born a Jew and there are specific promises that God has made about Israel that the devil is trying to undermine. If you find yourself hating Jews so passionately, that’s a demon that you must conquer before it ruins you.

Your God hates Africans

Why do you think the Jews attract so much hate from diverse people? Do you know your god-chosen Jews are not even Christians?

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Nimeona flag ya Palestine,nikapita tu. Hii vita iko kwa bibilia so sioni kwanini chupi zikuwe wet eti "WWIII is imminent ",even jisas is coming,wait and see

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Please tell me, why do Jews attract so much hate? I’m curious to know and don’t say it’s because of “racism” because the Arabs are more racist. Jewish racism towards blacks is pretty mild compared to what whites, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Chinese etc feel about our people. Whether Jews are Christians or not is neither here nor there. Do people hate them because of not being Christians?


So jews are not racists because arabs are racist too? or what’s your logic?

I said that the fanatical hatred towards Jews is disproportionate to their alleged racism. Its unnatural, so it’s a supernatural phenomenon which will eventually lead up to the second holocaust, in fulfillment of scriptures. Because heaven and hell will pass away before the Word of God returns to Him void. Even better, before holocaust part 2 happens, the Bride of Jesus will have left this earth. That’s how close we are to the glorious Rapture!