German geezer stranded in Diani after being robbed blind by Kenyan lover

Is he a geezer though…? Probably a Nazi brethren would be better.

A man has two heads, they don’t function at the same time so when one wakes up the other one goes to sleep, ni hayo tuuu…

She is ‘kenyan’ indeed kama angekuwa kukuyu, you would have informed us.

:D:D:Dblack man same situation middle of new york… who’d give a fuck?? african media needs to stop sucking up, hoe steals your money, it’s your fault for being stupid…

I had read 'German Ghaseer stranded…"

The news doesn’t give the name so… just bcz Kikuyus are associated with such vices, I can’t assume they were kiyuks, they’re 2 btw. The man did not learn the first time.

I have lived in Coastal towns, in reality majority of the con men and women who fleece these white people are local coastal people, there are also luos but Kikuyus are also in disproportionately high numbers since wametoka Bara so people just assume it’s Kiyuks who con white folk. It’s like wahindi are a minority or immigrants but they are the prominent ones. There may be more black prominent people since they are the majority but if you meet a black person who is a native and a mhindi immigrant, you are likely to assume that the loaded one is the mhindi not the black guy. Humans need stereotypes to make sense of things. It’s not personal.


Aende akafanye kwa hardware

Aende afanye kazi kwa hardware Kama wale weengine

huyu alinyang’anya mtu bibi. akule ujeuri yake. penda sana!!!

Ni kazi gani huyu atafanya Sasa? Aki nimetamani pizza, si uniletee chicken and mushroom.

Corona itamsaidia.

Kwani alikuwa anafikiri a naweza kula kula tu young fruits wa Kenya Bure?