So I just did an excel sheet of the major service I should mostly for my suspension and braking system for my sleek 328i.This level of car ownership is not for the broke or faint hearted I tell you.Will post receipt of payment on Saturday once they are delivered

Mambo ya German cars wachia AMG team, hata mzito Scotty Kilmer amekataa hiyo maneno

Hii ni pienga (price) a family friend of ours asked me to look for him sijui nini ya mercedez (i have forgotten). Anyway i talked to my jungu pal who works at mercedez and he said inaweza patikana, The thing costed 2,500euro. We shipped the thing to Kenya and the family friend after installing the thing was very grateful and said his car was as good as new. He is a birrionaire btw

this guy huwa has biased views. Kuna video alitoa ya eti sijui the greatest v8 cars of all time and listed only American muscle cars. Sijawahi rudi kwa channel yake tena. that was the first and the last video niliona yake

This is quite affordable if one is keeping the car. These parts last more than 11 years of regular use.

He sounds like a hill billy redneck to me.The red MAGA hat wearing type

Scoty ni OG… i have learnt alot from him.

Scoty is a diehard toyota fan yeye hatambui izo gari zao sana.

sigwes waste time yangu naye. The best American car channel huwa Donut media, huko hakuna bias za upuzi

His channel is not sponsored i tend to believe him more than other monitized channels.

The best used car to buy is only a Toyota. Especially the Corolla editions

gari za Germany ziliisha after 1996. ile kitu imebaki ni ownership za kampuni lakini quality sio Germany

Wewe unakuwaga slow kwa kila kitu. Maybe he was making the video for local viewers. Yaani cars available in his locality.

Si ujaribu huyu mjaluo rafiki ya @marine1 anaitwa ochithunder.

He has a bmw garage.

Heshimu American muscle muzee.
Cubic inches.

you plan to DIY ama unaenda garage ?
Last year Toyota ya mum we did suspension overhaul for about 60k (new parts)
For door/window switches tulitoa kwa ex-japan Toyos since they’re readily available

hata Carwow huuza magari but they dont give biased opinion

4 yards per bald eagle

Unarevv gari mpaka inakata engine mounts, halafu munacheka kama rednecks.