German Breakfast$&?!!? What the f..[aqk

Were Kenyans amazed because Raila can cook; or were they amazed because he was making a German breakfast?


You should have used this word Bonobo instead.

Low self-esteem on a national level


How so?

Kenyans find amusement in smallest of things…we said here that it’s a coping mechanism from our harsh economic situations

After the way Fidel logged out, Rosemary blind and Junior crippled, he needed to reassure his supporters there was nothing wrong in his family thus the unnecessary proclamation in Church that Rosemary is healed.
But after watching her keenly addressing the congregants and while seated on her chair, the way she moves her whole head to look in a certain direction can tell you something is still not right.
But hey, here we are talking about ‘baba’ who has never been shy about milking political capital and relevance from even the worst of situations.

Sio amusement ni kukosa mila.
We are too eager to identify with the queen, Germany etc. That’s why now we have Christmas Trees complete with fake snow and Santa Claus.

Another group is busy playing dress up as “Arabs”

You are still a very smelly dog’s anus.

Opinion is free.
To agree with it or not is the stickie.

Fūck you.

Actually this is something I have studied; the Kenyan mentality IS FUCKED !and this is not a joke, its very serious, our social conditioning is bad!!!and I blame it on the 8-4-4 system, it managed to turn people into mediocre. From the leaders down to the common man, I have noticed we are all suffering from self-esteem ata kama ni low key.

a simple example -Yesterday I was at 2 Rivers and couldn’t help but notice that Pizza-In,ilikua kama Uhuru Park, parked to the brim while the rest restaurants like the Turkish were almost empty and I had to come to a conclusion we are fucked.

Kama ingredients haziku toka Germany na pia haikupikiwa Germany then that was not a German breakfast

@Panyaste★ alikaa kwa make shift yako?