gerald kalipwa loan kwa kuma

copied ast year a certain lady approached me for a help. She humbly requested me to lend her 10k as a matter of urgency. At first I was reluctant since I was not social with her. She pleaded to an extent of crying. Haki nikopeshe. Ukiona nikikuomba usaindizi , iam desperate.
I considered her as my sister. Since I had no money at that time, I borrowed from KCB mpesa 12k. Nikampatia 10k after she promised to refund within one month. “May God bless you” she told me as she cried extensively. Haki umenisaidia. Sijui ningefanya nini…
Its OK my sister. Go and sort your problems lakini usinikosee. You have witnessed ni kukopa nimekopa.
The lady kept on texting me." Haki ulinisaidia. Sitakukosea. Immediately I get my salary you will be the first one to be sorted. She would text me every week. This gave me hope .
Two days before the repayment day, her phone went off. I waited anxiously but the phone remained mteja. On the day I was supposed to repay the loan, the lady was no where to be found. My instinct told me the lady had played foul to me.
I was unable to repay the loan prompting kcb to forward my name to CRB. As I write this, am a full member of crb. Since then I have never seen the lady or heard about her. However, things have taken a new dimension.
Yesterday, I received a text from unfamiliar number. " iam very sorry. Najua nimekukosea lakini sio kupenda kwangu. Please, niambie vile tunaeza onana tuongee". I immediately knew it was the lady. I called her and we arranged to meet today.
She came where I directed her. She was smartly dressed. I took her to a café and to add salt on my injury, nikamwambia aitishe kitakachomfurahisha. As if she hadn’t done anything wrong, aliitisha kuku na chipo + coke baridi.
Sasa niambie kuliendaje. I asked her after we ate. Mimi nimepitia shida mingi sana. Kazi nilifutwa, nikafungiwa nyumba ikabidi niuze simu nilipe landlord ili anitolee vitu zangu. Nilienda kwa rafiki yangu ambaye alinipea makao kabla nipate kazi. Ile kazi ninafanya sasa hivi ni ya kuuza nguo . yaani hawker. She explained. Sasa hivi ata pesa yako sina lakini sijasahau.
I pitied her so much. “Don’t worry. Hiyo nililipa. Ukipata utalipa.” I cheated her. She stood up, hugged me , caressed me and kissed my cheek. “Oh thank you very much. Nimekuwa nikikosa usingizi tangu ile story ya Ivy na kinuthia itokelezee. Sometimes I saw you with an axe in my dreams ready to harm me.
After much discussion, she requested me to go with her to where she has rented a house. With all my stupidity, l agreed. She took a taxi and within no time tukafika kwake. I was excited, nikakosa maneno tulipofika nyumbani. She is living in a one bedroom house fully furnished.
" masoda, ma wine, manyama, makeki, ma fridge, ghaii.”. Welcome. This is my house. I was unable to question how a hawker could afford such a lavish lifestyle . nikaingiza baridi.
She left me at the sitting room watching DJ afro as I enjoyed a glass of wine . akaenda kuoga. From the bathroom, alitoka na panti na bra pekee. She sat opposite na akanza kujipaka mafuta. I tried very much to resist looking at her but all in vain.
Gerald, its very hot . ata wewe enda uoge. I took a cold shower and went back to my seat… She came close to me naked as she was. " you are the best man I have ever met. Ulinisaidia nikiwa na shida. Today , it’s my turn to pay back. Anyway to cut long story short, elfu kumi ni kama imepotea. Si mnisaidie

Wee ni kama ulikesha hapa…too many contradictions

Summary… Alilipa10k for pussy…



kijiji threshold =7


if 1 shot is 150,because of the damage crb membership causes,you will have to exceed the kijiji threshold for each 150 hence:

466.66666667 plus.

screen shot this,send to her n request the balance

Aliwekwa ligi ya Kirubi bila kuambiwa.

Fake story, but she played you. But let’s pretend the story is not fiction, if you can’t pay back a 12k mobile loan, and she lives in a fully furnished apartment, then She is living a better life than you, and she sells that pussy for 10k while you would work a week or a month for that same 10k. Whores are the devil, okoka kijana

Ata picha ya certain?

Peasants maneno’s. 10k is fuck all in the grand scheme of things… for sponsors like me.

Wacha uongoooo …lakini you have good imagination.
Tulisema no evidence=it never happened

hekaya iko sawa, inakaa uongo but very entertaining

Hahaha…Mimi tangy nifanyiwe hivo na madem wawili,I learnt my lesson…siwezi lend a lady money…hata tuwe mabeshte…if I have ,security for the money must be guaranteed or insured.
Hivi akifail…I just pick the security na kuuza.If she pays we good.

Not even family will I lend my money,under such promises…hii kitu inaweza kufanya urushiwe maneno hata na dadako mzawa,ubaki umeaibika mbaya

ha ha ha … make sure umekula at least 5 times…return on Investment.

Kuna dame pia alinifanyia hivi,but was 5k… nilikula for like 3 months …

I can relate. Most chicks are very tricky, as soon as you show interest in them they find ways of asking you for money which they never pay back. If you decide to give them cash, just ensure you get your slices and forget about the money.

Uko sure hii pia si story ya jaba buda?

Except for the bathing parts, I do believe the dude lost 10k for shot moja.:D:D

:Dmy stories are real

Hizi ni story za jaba but the baseline is that you should never lend money to women. Afadhali umsaidie roho safi