@Georginamakena are you OK ?

Your boy is about to lose it.


ha haha…lakini hii utaambiwa tuliona

The Reach also hurt!


Just checking on @GeorginaMakena . Let us know how you are doing.

Maybe now she can concentrate on writing PhD thesis instead of filling ktalk with her thesis :p:p:p:p;)

The Reach Also Cry

Not forgetting Wild Georgina

Pole Dear Kenyan,
There are a lot of people who invested so much money and time supporting NASA, after getting convinced they were fighting for more fundamental reasons than power. Many were persuaded that Canaan was real and some Diasporas were looking forward can return back home to Kenya, a land of milk and honey in the sun. Now there is despair, let us hope the government takes note of why NASA got so much support and address some of the issues leading to the disenchantment.

She’s still in shock.
She doesn’t know who to bash or praise in that handshake.

Jakom knows He is full of sh!t, if you ask him today, if the government should regulate rent the man will laugh at you uncontrollably. Then ask him if Waiguru should be jailed, followed if we should continue with the boycott


Where is it you dont understand as regards democracy? 50% + 1 becomes the majority automatically. Hii ‘so much support’ yako our constitution hapana tambua

6 + million is not a figure to trivialise, especially when there are tribal currents.

You’re cruel sob :). But I don’t feel sorry for her.

I really doubt that she can do a good job in defending her PhD thesis if she really thought that Raila is someone you can bank on. Isn’t this the same individual who bailed out on opposition (Kibaki, Wamalwa, Ngilu) soon after 1997 elections?
But even we in Jubilee should not be happy. In 1997 when Raila joined KANU he ended up personally owning Kisumu Molasses Plant. God knows what Uhuru has offered him.

Don’t mistake me, I still think rat is a rat and that jubilee would be stupid to treat him other than a possible venomous Trojan and take precautionary measures to avert this. That said, imagine the conflicted feelings of the likes of madam who actually believed that prisdent rat was about to deliver them to Canaan. They were even willing to lose their lives not knowing their god was using them as cannon fodder to negotiate for himself and his kids.


Hahaha Family Guy never disappoints


:slight_smile: stewie… :D:cool:
Thanks , I was wondering what to stream before I sleep.

Wacha 6m, iko wenye walipata over 55m na hawasumbui