Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is a China lover.

[SIZE=5]It makes sense now. :D:D:D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]He is bought, owned and paid for by the Chinese govt.



@Kahuni Maisha May 2020…

[SIZE=7]Rep. Colton Moore Seeks $7 Billion from China in Georgia Exports[/SIZE]

May 15, 2020 14:39 ET | Source:

ATLANTA and BEIJING, May 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Georgia Representative Colton Moore released this statement to President Xi and Minister Zhong Shan of the People’s Republic of China seeking an additional $20 billion in Georgia exports by 2022. You can read Rep. Moore’s full public statement at:
Governor Brian P. Kemp, who has worked closely with Rep. Colton Moore throughout Northwest Georgia, has pushed Georgia to be the first state in the Union to open for business.
In the wake of Coronavirus and cranking the Georgia economy, Rep. Moore looks to balance the trade budget between Georgia and China to help stimulate more local business. In 2019, Georgia exported $2.3 billion of goods and services to China while importing more than $19.8 billion during the same period.
As a result, Georgia’s trade deficit totals more than $16 billion in China’s favor.
Every closed day of business in Georgia, due to Coronavirus, an estimated $500 million was done in damage to Georgia’s $560 billion economy. This letter moves Georgia forward on the path to recovery with their largest trading partner.
According to the American Conservative Union, Rep. Colton Moore is among Georgia’s top economically conservative legislators and released this letter at a time when Georgia is a top state in the country to do business in.
Moore qualified to be Georgia’s next State Senator of District 53 and will face 18-year incumbent Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga on June 9, 2020.
A copy of Rep. Colton Moore’s full letter is below.

[RIGHT]May 15, 2020
Minister Zhong Shan
The Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China
No.2 Dong Chang’an Avenue

Beijing, China 100731[/RIGHT]

Governor Brian P. Kemp
The Office of the Governor State of Georgia
203 State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30334

Dear Minister Shan,

I hope this letter finds you well during these complex times. I know we both seek recovery and progress for our people, especially as Georgia is one of the largest U.S. trading partners with China.
As Georgia moves forward as the first state in the United States to reopen for business, I would like to address ways we can expand our trade relationship with The People’s Republic of China.
In 2019, Georgia exported $2.3 billion of goods and services to China and imported $19.8 billion during the same period. We are a trusted partner of China and hope to build on this $22 billion relationship.
In this letter, I am requesting that your Ministry expand Georgia exports to China to $7 billion by 2022. While this is not a balance of our trade partnership, this would further strengthen our trade commitments.
Georgia is home to world leaders of industry including UPS, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, The University of Georgia, Shaw Floors, and WellStar Health. We are up to this challenge and await your demands for more Georgia-made medical devices, aviation, agriculture, and transportation products.
With a continued commitment to God and our partners, may our people and economies prevail.


Representative Colton Moore

At this rate naona mtu akijitia kitanzi very soon. 20th January to be precise

He is a governor… you on the other hand are just a pathetic whining troll whose greatest achievement ni an elder tag kwa anonymous site. So STFU and accept reality

so a governor seeking to open up its state and restart businesses is bad. Even Trump wants China to buy more goods from the U.S. Never seen you calling him a communist