George Wanjaro's family misfortunes


what is with kikuyu musicians hiring the same dancers? At the end, all the songs look the same

Generational curses are real

The pain they leave to their families is no laughing matter.

You must be very cognizant of this, seeing that are confirmed slum dweller. I guess hizi vitu hukua daily occurence hapo githu. Angusha hekaya masta.

You find humor in a depressing thread?

Githu boy, Human life is no more important than that of a dog in the grand scale of things. I thought u should know these things considering that u live in a kennel.

Most of the dancers are for hire. You will find them in songs by several musicians

Those are the wages of sin.

Which sins? Are you sinless yourself?

Kwani was he to live forever? 2002 to now 2021 is 19 years and that span is enough to lose many relatives. Omwafrika should stop thinking every dead has a spiritual angle

After the musician passing on, these guys kicked his wife out. Jamaa wasn’t a saint.

True. This guy together with his mother mistreated Wanjaro’s widow and kids. Karma is a bitch

Hio dam sio ile inaleta maji kanairo? Munakunywa maji ya maiti:D

Si hiyo. Hii ni ya power generation

Oh,so ni stima ya maiti?:D:D:D

Kind of

i like the song.

huyu ndio ule elder brother alipiga jaluo 16 yr student wake mimba akaoa